WordPress migration and upgrade without the need of downtime

I desire I could properly update an previous wordpress (WP4, PHP5.6) to (WP6, PHP8) with Cloudflare DNS and retain the first as an alternative to restore to.

It really is uncomplicated to migrate a principal [domainA.com](https://domainA.com) to a further shared internet hosting, upgraded to [domainB.com](https://domainB.com). Even now I desire I could protect [domainA.com](https://domainA.com) as is and have the clone/upgraded with [domainA.com](https://domainA.com) as well and only swap IPs through Cloudflare DNS. Is that achievable without the need of a rewrite proxy (only Cloudflare DNS) ?! And quickly revert (by means of DNS) to authentic if a thing goes erroneous? PHP8 breaks some concept functions and quickly restore may well be necessary. Localhost is 1 way but pushing to dwell does not offer fast revert options

Does that make sense with a shared cloud web hosting and Cloudflare DNS by yourself? The assistance is usually linked with a area and there is no way to reuse exact same area and only swap general public IPs.

What is a improved information or option to do with no/negligible downtime with the choice to restore speedy (ideally not from backup). There ought to be ways to do so, or having two replicas of a internet site [domainA.com](https://domainA.com) to provide as Stay (contrary to applying [staging.domainA.com](https://staging.domainA.com) or [domainB.com](https://domainB.com))

The notion of resiliency with a hot/cold failover seems great but how’s that obtained in shared cloud webhosting ?! Any next finest strategies?


**EDIT1:** That’s a common concern these many years (6 yrs back – [https://www.reddit.com/r/Wordpress/comments/4ls0hb/whats_the_best_way_to_develop_a_new_site_while/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Wordpress/feedback/4ls0hb/whats_the_ideal_way_to_acquire_a_new_website_while/))

Moving authentic documents to a subfolder as a backup and copying new WP information is good. Nonetheless the upgrade with minimal Cpanel WP is 4.19 which is over the unique WP running on live – reverting may not be possible. Deleting original files, db and changing PHO is way way too dangerous in situation of DR. This problem relates to a different situation in which I’m assigned to swap a one area with 2 (nearly equivalent) wodpress web pages each day (odd/even times).. using shared cloud web hosting might not be best.

**EDIT2:** What if I install/clone wordpress with identical [domainA.com](https://domainA.com) at two destinations/hostings and engage in with DNS NS documents sooner or later to swap between both of those solutions (very hot failovers). Would that get the job done? Utilizing a new support with owned domain – [https://ibb.co/2dQTHbS](https://ibb.co/2dQTHbS) ?!I guess not – site may possibly be reachable only soon after a NS updates .. even now I could get ready/migrate it by means of Cpanel blindfoldedly and tweak it up at ns modify. Any other risks I’m lacking?

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