Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Update Last Revised: April 1, 2023

Welcome to the Privacy Policy

TabThemes, the operator of (referred to here as “the Website”), values your privacy and is dedicated to protecting your personal data. This Privacy Policy provides details on how we handle your personal data when you visit our Website and your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Collection on the Website When accessing the Website without a user account, we generally do not collect, store, or process personal data, including your IP address, except in specific instances such as:

  • Submitting an abuse report form.
  • Requesting a copyright infringement takedown.
  • Filing a copyright counter-notification in accordance with our Terms of Service (accessible at
  • Direct interactions with us, as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Browsing our Website without creating an account or directly engaging with us means you’re not providing personal data for processing.

Cookie Usage To manage content preferences, suggest relevant content, and analyze Website usage, we use cookies as outlined in our Cookie Policy, available at This policy also guides how to manage and disable cookies.

Privacy Policy for Account Holders For users who create an account, a separate privacy policy applies, which can be found at

This Privacy Policy mainly addresses users without an account but who engage with our Website for specific purposes like submitting the aforementioned forms or directly contacting us.

Accuracy of Personal Data We strive to keep your personal data accurate and current. Please inform us of any changes to your personal data during your interactions with us.

Third-Party Links Our Website may include links to third-party sites. We do not control these sites and are not responsible for their privacy practices. We encourage you to review their privacy policies when you visit them.

Contacting Us and Our Data Protection Officer Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be reached for any questions about this policy or our data protection practices at [email protected].

Types of Data Collected We collect, store, and use various types of personal data, including:

  • Identity data: Name, surname, and signature.
  • Contact data: Email address, postal address, postal code, and telephone number.
  • Other data: Any additional personal data provided in forms or through direct interactions.

Your personal data is collected only when you submit the forms as per our Terms of Service or interact with us directly.

Processing Your Personal Data We process your personal data for specific, transparent purposes, such as:

  • Handling abuse reports.
  • Processing copyright infringement takedown requests and counter-notifications.
  • Managing direct contacts.

Disclosure of Personal Data Your personal data may be shared in specific contexts, like:

  • Processing copyright claims/counter-notifications.
  • Handling abuse reports.
  • During direct interactions, under certain legal obligations.

Data Retention We retain your personal data only as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned. The retention period may vary based on legal or regulatory requirements.

Security Measures We implement measures like encryption and firewalls to protect your personal data from unauthorized access. Access to your data is restricted to necessary personnel and third parties.

International Data Transfers Your data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) for specific purposes, like handling international copyright claims. We ensure appropriate safeguards for data protection.

Exercising Your Legal Rights Under data protection laws, including the GDPR, you have various rights regarding your personal data. Contact us at [email protected] to exercise these rights.

Cookies and Similar Technologies For details on how we use cookies, refer to our Cookie Policy.

Further Information For more about how we process your personal data, contact us at the same email address.