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Understanding Cookies on

Introduction to Cookies
A cookie is essentially a small file that is downloaded onto your device upon visiting a website. uses this technology to recognize your device and gather details about your browsing activities, such as the web pages you access and the features you utilize. Employing cookies is a standard procedure across virtually all websites and plays a vital role in ensuring their smooth functioning.

Managing Cookies on Cookies are a key aspect of how operates. We utilize various cookies for different reasons, including understanding how you use our site, who provides these cookies, and the duration they remain on your device. It’s important to remember that cookies are browser-specific. Thus, if you access using a different browser, you will need to agree to the use of cookies again.

Consent Management for Cookies offers a straightforward method for you to grant or revoke your consent for various cookie types through our Cookie Consent Tool. You can approve cookies by selecting the appropriate options and retract your consent by deselecting them.

Cookie Deletion Instructions You have the option to remove cookies from your browser, either all at once or individually. The process for this varies with each browser. If you use multiple browsers, be sure to clear cookies from each one. However, be aware that this action might also remove saved information like login credentials and website preferences.

Blocking Cookies To avoid cookies entirely, you can disable them in your browser settings. This change will affect all websites, not just Note, however, that this might restrict your ability to log in or utilize other necessary website features.

Partnership in Data Sharing employs third-party cookies for gathering personal information for customization and targeted advertising. We share the responsibility for data with these entities:

For comprehensive details on the personal data processed by these third parties beyond our joint collection and disclosure, please consult their respective privacy policies.

Use of Technical Cookies At, we solely use our proprietary technical cookies. These are critical for our website’s functionality and enhance your browsing experience by enabling features such as user login and account management.