What would be a great way to do the job on WordPress web sites locally, then up them for generation in 2022, when I never have obtain to the VPS?

I am a newbie on WordPress although I have working experience with world-wide-web advancement. Presently I’m seeking into All In Just one WP Migration, but it appears to have a dimension limit on the absolutely free version?

At this time I have entry to the WordPress internet site, and would require to do modifications and updates on the web page in phrases of visual appearance and material. So I have a local Docker picture with WordPress all set and the theme open up on VS Code, at 1st I was just performing my modifications there as I am trying to learn WordPress (I’m made use of to just coding almost everything usually). Then was contemplating of just doing the identical modifications on the general public web site, but then remembered that of study course there need to be a way to have the production web site be on regional, and then back again.

Many thanks to any information on this! 😀

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