Switching from tailor made theme to top quality WordPress template concept

Our web site is at the moment making use of a personalized WordPress topic with code that is depreciated.

Internet site: [regionalmenshealth.com.au](https://regionalmenshealth.com.au)

We want to change to a high quality template concept to “future evidence” the web site and with any luck , get upkeep and support into the foreseeable future. It is pretty high priced to use a developer each and every time a smaller volume of code will get depreciated.

I am possessing a tough time picking a quality theme as there are countless numbers to choose from!

Do yall have any ideas simple compensated themes that would be capable to build a web page similar how it is at this time? It is very a basic site aand a fewer “bloated” concept would be ideal.

Thank you in progress!

6 thoughts on “Switching from tailor made theme to top quality WordPress template concept

  1. I use (and recommend) GeneratePress theme. The team provides stellar support for both the free and premium version, but the pro version is even better! Of course, there is a recurring annual fee for updates and support for the pro theme (it is a plugin that extends the free theme), but I think it is worth it. I use the free version since my site is also a simple blogging one and I know how to play around with some code to make the theme look good.

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