Sendinblue vs MailerLite Comparision (2022)

Sendinblue vs MailerLite Comparision (2022)

Sendinblue vs MailerLite is two of the best email marketing tools. Sendinblue is the best tool in the industry, while MailerLite is a budget-friendly tool giving many advanced tools for campaigning.

As businesses are going online, building a loyal customer base, requires marketing. Currently, one of the largest marketing channels in the world is email marketing. Research shows us by the end of 2024, there will be 4.5 billion people with at least one email address.

Now let us do a quick comparison of Sendinblue vs MailerLite with the help of the below table. Then, just begin with the article.

Sendinblue Vs MailerLite – Quick Table Comparision

Comparison MailerLite Sendinblue
Free Plan Yes Yes
Starting Plans $9/Month $25/Month
Free Plan Limit 1 User
12,000 Emails (Month)
Mon – Fri Email Support
No 24×7 Email Support
1 User
300 Emails (Day)
Chat Support
Sendinblue Logo
Premium Plans $19/Month $65/Month
Unique Features Budget Friendly
In Modest Budget Also –
They have features like
Automation Workflows,
Contact Tagging &
Landing Page Editor
It is the best tool for
triggered based,
transactional email
Global Reach
Customer Reviews 8.2 out of 10
The WYSIWYG email editor is
most praised
(Survey conducted by TrustRadius)
7.9 out of 10
email deliverability reporting
is most praised
(Survey conducted by TrustRadius)

Let’s begin with the article…

What is Sendinblue? 

Sendinblue has ruled over the email marketing industry as one of the best tools for a long time now. It is most common among small-scale and medium-scale industries. Therefore, it has a long run in the industry for SMB email marketing.

It has outgrown many competitors and continues to do so. But if looked at the main reason for this email marketing tool’s increasing popularity is only being budget-friendly comes out to be at the top. Reportedly, approximately 100 million emails are sent through Sendinblue daily. 

Sendinblue helps in enhancing the bonds with existing customers with the automated email campaign option at Sendinblue.

Not only that but Sendinblue also enhances and grows the already existing customer base of a business. When we talk about Sendinblue vs MailerLite (the comparison), we can never keep it black and white. There are both ups and downs in not only Sendinblue but also MailLite. These will all be discussed in the forthcoming content! 

Starting from 2012 to 2022, Sendinblue never looked back and has kept growing. Sendinblue has an achievement of earning around 80,000 customers to its name. This can be defined by its approach of being budget-friendly for all the users out there.  If you want to know more about Sendinblue, feel free to click the button below! 


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What is MailerLite? 

Any growing business needs email marketing campaigns to grow its business online. This is where MailerLite like email service providers walk in and therefore make them more easier and effective. 

You can use MailerLite to get a lot of help related to your business and marketing it online. Some of these are:

  • Building your mailing list and finding it in a constant state of growth. 
  • Sending out emails to potential customers (leads) with the help of automation features provided by MailerLite. 

Additionally, MailerLite is considered to be the ideal email marketing tool available. This is all thanks to the different email templates available at MailerLite. Any beginner with little to no experience in coding can start using MailerLite. And the various newsletter designs at MailerLite keep them at par with the latest trends.

Also, any changes required can be easily made by you because the editor available at MailerLite is drag-and-drop. 

As we are just starting with MailerLite, the above overview is just the tip of the iceberg! To learn more about both email marketing tools (Sendinblue vs MailerLite), you should read the differences in the article below! 

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5 Differences: Sendinblue vs MailerLite

Now starts the very important part of Sendinblue vs MailerLite is to discuss their differences on 5 different grounds. We will learn what each one of them has to offer. This is how you will be able to choose the one best suited for you! With no further ado, let’s get into Sendinblue vs MailerLite.  

Pricing: Sendinblue vs MailerLite 

The best way to start the comparison, of Sendinblue vs MailerLite, is none other than a price comparison. It is the best start because an email marketing tool exceeding your budget definitely is a bad investment.  So make sure from the below information that price is not the factor that will hold you back!

Pricing: Sendinblue

The pricing for Sendinblue is mentioned in the table right below,


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Plan Name  Plan Price Email Limit Period
Free 0 300 emails/day Lifetime
Lite $25 No limit Monthly
Premium $65 No limit Monthly

Learn more on Sendinblue Pricing here!

MailerLite: Pricing  

The pricing for different plans of the MailerLite email marketing tool is in the table below,

S.No. Plan Name Plan Price Total emails permitted Subscriber Accommodation Period
1. Free Plan Nil  12,000 1000 Monthly
2. Growing Business Plan $9 Unlimited 1000 Monthly
3. Advanced Plan $19 Unlimited 1000 Monthly
4. Enterprise Custom Pricing Unlimited 100k+ Monthly

More about MailerLite Pricing here!

Used Best for Sendinblue vs MailerLite

There is always something that is best done by you and no one else. Do you agree?? The same is the case with these email marketing tools. Let’s learn about what they are best used for – Sendinblue vs MailerLite. Follow up on the below details clearly. They will help you be selective of the tool more suitable for your business. 

Used Best for Sendinblue

Among various reviews conducted among the current customers of Sendinblue, a score of 8.2 has been given to a particular feature at Sendinblue. The feature of Sendinblue that is praised the most is the WYSIWYG email editor (This data is according to TrustRadius.) 

Used Best for MailerLite

MailerLite is used best for email deliverability reporting. This is according to a survey conducted on TrustRadius. Here among reviews by 77 people, 72.73% of people rated MailerLite 9-10 and the overall rating is 7.9 on 10.  

Features: Sendinblue vs MailerLite 

Every other email marketing tool comes with various features. Similar is the case with Sendinblue and Mailer Lite. The table below mentions,

Feature Sendinblue Constant Contact
Email – Marketing
SMS Marketing
Marketing Automation
24/7 Support
Campaign Marketplace
Transactional Email
Client Testing (Email)
Landing Pages
WYSIWYG email editor
Signing Forms
Facebook Ads
Advanced Statistics
On Phone Support

Let’s learn more about various features offered by them in the write-up below, 

Features: Sendinblue 

The features offered by Sendinblue are,

  1. Makes Emails Mobile-Friendly

The design tools at Sendinblue can be utilized to form email templates very friendly for a Mobile view. And we know how things are getting more inclined towards mobiles!  


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  1. Advanced Design Integration 

The best part about the advanced design integration feature is you can use HTML codes of your own! Pretty cool right? Thus, the creation tool at Sendinblue not only helps new users but also helps advanced users.  

  1. Automation and Scheduling 

There are multiple options for automation. You are also able to launch the campaign immediately or consider scheduling it for later. Automated email campaigns are available for various things like sending in a welcome email, etc. 

  1. Deliverability

The deliverability feature makes sure to not leave out any subscribers of the client. There is also an option provided to get a preview of whether the email sent reaches the delivery address or not. 

More about Sendinblue Features here!

Features: MailerLite  

The feature offered by Mailer Lite is,

  1. Growing audience: 

The audience growth is increased by pop-up forms targeting your potential clients. There is also the option to create forms for building subscribers on your site. And these are also referred to as email builders. 

  1. A/B split testing:   

A/B split testing feature at MailLite is useful in optimizing email campaigns. Following it, the contents of the email, subject lines, and such variables are all tested. 

  1. Send email campaigns: 

MailerLite also has the feature of creating newsletters via email. You can use it to send promotional emails for a new service or product you launched. Also, RSS can be used for sending digests straight out of your blog’s content. 

  1. Segment your subscriber’s Email deliverability

Your subscribers are grouped into segments for ease in delivering quality and relevant content. These segments are made on criteria like:

  • Subscriber’s characteristics like gender, age, country, etc. 
  • Subscriber’s activities like clicks and opens on emails. 

More about Mailer Lite Features here!


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Pros: Sendinblue vs MailerLite 

For a perfect analysis, we need to be sure of every aspect. In this section, the pros for both Sendinblue and Mailer Lite will be mentioned. You will be able to make up your mind about who to choose in Sendinblue vs Mailer Lite (Pros).

Pros: Sendinblue 

The pros that come with Sendinblue are,

  1. It helps in the management of various lists together. 
  2. The editing tools are user-friendly. It can even be smooth on mobile.  
  3. The Sendinblue Academy provides you with the best tutorials. 
  4. The email templates can be utilized to make new emails easily. 
  5. The email-building software can help customize emails in the best manner possible. 

MailerLite: Pros

The pros that come with MailerLite are,

  1. This email marketing tool is cost-effective.
  2. The website builder at MailerLite is advanced and excellent. 
  3. It has advanced automation tools. 
  4. The interface is user-friendly because it is both clean and simple. 
  5. It has an ample amount of modules for email editing alongside a finely working email editor. 

Cons: Sendinblue vs MailerLite 

There exists nothing without a bit of drawback. Let’s try to find some for both Sendinblue and Mailer Lite below. 

Cons: Sendinblue 

The cons that follow using Sendinblue are,

  1. You need to have ownership of the pro version for getting the overall results of your performance. This graphic representation is not available for free. 
  2. The admin panel is very complicated for it to be user-friendly. A more simplified version can be a better version. It’s not a big problem but it can be resolved. 
  3. If you are using the free version your daily limits are 300 emails per day. If you opt for pro plans, that’s a big jump in expenses. 

Cons: Mailer Lite

The cons of using Mailer Lite as a Sendinblue Alternatives are,

  1. The automation triggered directly from a lead visiting the website is not present at MailerLite. 
  2. Landing Pages are not satisfactory.  
  3. Custom fields are not available. 

Who is better? (Sendinblue vs MailerLite)

Who is better in Sendinblue vs MailerLite? This is a question with variable answers. And you’ll learn exactly that in the above article with 5 differences between Sendinblue and Mailer Lite. When you go through the differences presented, you’ll learn which between Sendinblue and Mailer Lite is best for you. 

And therefore, you’ll be able to decide which one of the two email marketing tools will benefit your business more! Once you have chosen the best for yourself, let us know in the comments below!

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