pls assist ashe concept issues

hi i have been a blogger for months now and i fortunately use the ashe concept. this topic is fantastic overall and it stated to be responsive for all monitor sorts. i have emailed their aid, are living chatted with people, cached, included CSS, for MONTHS and this issue and continue to not been solved for me. the only reaction i’ve gotten is to “change my concept,” whilst it is tempting i just truly feel like it’s unfair for me to change a topic thats explained to do the job for “all units.” i just completed possessing a breakdown after support chat told me there’s nothing i can really do. it is so frustrating and so upsetting doing work tough on my site for it to surface odd to my viewers. my internet site seems high-quality on desktop and tablet, mobile is the only difficulty with this. it is Over and above discouraging, to say the minimum. if anyone knows how to take care of this, i would so deeply take pleasure in it. actually. i am at a decline and truly do not know what to do. many thanks for reading my rant, i’m unfortunate.

UPDATE: this difficulty has been solved :)) i ordered a new theme and contacted the operator of it. they aided me by means of the challenge. thank you for all your replies 🙂

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  1. How does it look on the mobile? What’s the problem —exactly?

    There’s a chance it’s fixable with CSS media queries.

    If you do end up changing the theme, one easy route is OceanWP and using Elementor as a page builder. If you have the patience, it’s relatively easy to build an exact (and responsive) copy of your current site with Elementor.

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