Please assist explain Time To To start with Byte (TTFB) because its appears really sluggish and im obtaining undesirable general performance scores

* I am quite positive the TTFB I have, 2.5s is sluggish and ruining all my scores for FCP and LCP
* Does TTFB suggest the how long it can take for the initially byte to be recieved from the server to the customer, for illustration if the 1st matter to be loaded was a hero picture on my site, it would be the initial byte of the hero picture?
* If the former issue is correct, and its just a easy compact sized picture, that could it’s possible indicate the server alone is not performing perfectly, and its more of the server and not my internet application for the sluggish TTFB right?
* **Crucial**, my internet site does do a protection scan to detect the readers site, detecting if perhaps VPN is applied and so on and so on as the first matter, could this be the culprit? If so……does that signify I could technically show a “loading” screen/graphic/modal and that will entirely remove the TTFB troubles and all my scores this kind of as FCP and LCP will enhance?

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