I’m on the lookout to make a internet database and i want to know if wordpress can handle this…

I will preface this with I listened to of wordpress an hour in the past. I am not familiar at all with the scope of the plan, how it will work, or how it’s made use of…but it was instructed i search into it and so i am 😀

I want to make a searchable databases of books. I want people to be ready to both lookup for custom terms, or to be capable to pick out from a dropdown box of predetermined criteria. Every e book relevant to their look for standards will arrive up as results, and when they click on an proper e-book we want it to just take them to a web site that has a summary and means like hyperlinks to exactly where they can invest in said e-book. There will be hundreds of guides as we broaden the collection.

Is this within just the scope of wordpress’s abilities? I requested in world wide web_style and design and it was advised that woocommerce and ajaxsearch could manage this (i never know what possibly of them are beyond the most fundamental) but they both of those look to be catered to product or service gross sales web-sites…which I’m sure would still operate, just not confident if thatks the most effective strategy.

I would truly appreciate any information here!

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