How to Share Your Strengths and Weaknesses During A Job Interview

How to Share Your Strengths and Weaknesses All through A Task Interview

You are sitting down throughout from a selecting manager, or even even worse, a team of individuals interviewing you for a role, and the dreaded dilemma arrives up…

“What are your weaknesses?”

You shell out what seems like an eternity battling inside of your very own head, “Do I inform them I’m at times late or that I get factors too individually?” just before settling on a response that can make you groan: “I just care way too significantly and I function as well challenging.”

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Though that issue is not very likely to be still left off the interview checklist anytime before long, you know it’s likely coming and can devote some time in self-reflection prior to your next interview, so you can respond to it honestly and respectfully. Its sister concern, “What are your strengths” is coming as effectively, so it’s greatest to be geared up in advance of time.

What are strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths are a set of expertise or character traits you possess that help you in carrying out your duties in a productive and effective method and make you an great candidate for a work. Weaknesses are characteristics or shortcomings that when remaining unchecked, may well hamper your potential to do your occupation nicely.

It can be complicated to toot your personal horn for the duration of an interview. Even extra complicated, is getting a harmony involving currently being honest about some of your shortcomings, with out turning the hiring manager off to the notion of hiring you.

Just take some time ahead of every job interview (and ideally in advance of you apply) to identify what your strengths are and weaknesses are. This is best completed in the commencing as self-reflection, however, you could at some position want to enlist the help of men and women near to you. This can be inquiring pals, relatives, or another person you’ve worked with in the previous for feedback.

You can create a record of your strengths and weaknesses, and, when it is time to apply for a work, tailor your responses to its distinct skills. You can also spend some time researching the company itself, being familiar with its lifestyle, and determining which of your strengths would be most remarkably valued.

Luckily, you never have to reinvent the wheel when it will come to your strengths and weaknesses. There are a quantity of common (and relatable) characteristics that you can share with potential companies.

Strengths and Weaknesses List

Really do not know the place to start? Take a look at these strengths and weaknesses examples, and identify which finest describes you. Continue to keep in brain that this is a list of “gentle techniques” which can pertain to any business and role. Depending on what posture you are applying for, you might also will need to share your knowledge of distinct application plans and on-the-work practical experience.


  1. Accuracy
  2. Attentive
  3. Clarity
  4. Conciseness
  5. Creativeness
  6. Dedication
  7. Willpower
  8. Determination
  9. Empathetic
  10. Enthusiasm
  11. Adaptability
  12. Fantastic listener
  13. Honesty
  14. Challenging-working
  15. Revolutionary
  16. Negotiation Techniques
  17. Optimistic
  18. Corporation Expertise
  19. Patient
  20. Fast learner
  21. Respectful
  22. Reputable
  23. Time-administration
  24. Workforce participant
  25. Flexibility

Strengths and weaknesses list


  1. Blunt and brazen communicator which can turn some folks off
  2. Really important of self
  3. Need to have time to adjust to improve
  4. Perfectionist (which from time to time make it hard to delegate duties)
  5. Procrastinator
  6. Slow to establish rapport with coworkers or subordinates
  7. Shy in new scenarios
  8. Stressed underneath strain
  9. Way too sensitive to the desires of many others which from time to time allows other folks to manipulate you

strengths and weaknesses examples

Management Strengths and Weaknesses

Whilst there are numerous similarities, management strengths and weaknesses cover a large vary of techniques. Take into account the distinct responsibilities you will have as a chief, mainly motivating and managing employees on a every day foundation, instead than staying liable for just your very own function. Take into account some of these typical strengths and weaknesses examples for leaders and professionals.

Management Strengths

  1. Passionate about their get the job done.
  2. Capable to realize the requirements and emotions of others.
  3. Excellent self-administration techniques.
  4. Prime-notch interaction expertise (like listening).
  5. Equipped to encourage and inspire other individuals to do their very best work.
  6. Snug creating selections speedily.
  7. Inclined to be held accountable for their selections and their steps.

Leadership Weakness

  1. Getting feedback personally.
  2. Far too concentrated on the conclude aim that employees’ desires go unheard.
  3. Extremely involved with currently being preferred.
  4. Not able to delegate duty which qualified prospects to burnout.
  5. Disrespectful attitude in direction of workforce.
  6. Lousy communication skills.
  7. Scared of creating the erroneous selection, which sales opportunities to making no decisions at all.

If you see yourself in any of these weak spot illustrations, it may be time to seek out mentorship or teaching, and do some soul exploring to identify why you lack in these places.

How to Share Your Strengths and Weaknesses In the course of a Job Job interview

Now that you’ve reviewed many preferred qualities and decided which types best mirror who you are, it is time to dig further. Question yourself a pretty important question… “Why?”

Potential companies do not want a record of extravagant words and phrases, they want to get to know you by comprehending how these features have served you in your previous perform expertise. For illustration, in its place of indicating, “I have excellent negotiation expertise,” say, “I’ve used my superb negotiation abilities to operate with new and existing suppliers to minimize our raw material charges by 52%.”

Paint them a image of your abilities in action and explain to them a (true) tale they’ll try to remember effectively past the last interviewee has left the setting up. When telling a story, bear in mind to contain:

  1. What “lifetime” seemed like ahead of the inciting incident.
  2. The difficulty you confronted.
  3. Distinctive attempts you created to correct the trouble.
  4. What inevitably worked.
  5. How lifetime appears just after the incident.

This does not have to be an epic novel, just a brief description of what was heading on and how you had the strengths to persevere.

Of course for some, you might be achieving for a new purpose with new duties. If you know you have the strengths they are on the lookout for, but have not experienced the chance to use them in your present-day position, be truthful. You could say, “I have not been in a position to use this talent in my former work, on the other hand, I seem forward to working with it a lot more if you decide to employ me.”

You also have the selection of sharing a story from your individual lifetime in which you utilized this talent. Just make sure to retain it experienced, proper, and pertinent to your preferred placement.

When it will come to speaking your weaknesses, prospective companies want to know that you identify your shortcomings and are actively doing the job to come to be a improved version of by yourself. You will want to be straightforward and forthcoming even though producing context close to your weaknesses and showing:

  1. How you are doing work to increase in this area.
  2. How this weak spot will not impression your overall performance in the proposed job.

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll also want to stay away from stating a humble brag alternatively than a weak spot. “I’m just so quickly at my career that it will make other individuals feel intimidated about me and so it’s tough for me to join.” This is false modesty and you won’t be performing on your own any favors.

So there you are, facial area-to-facial area with an interviewer and becoming asked, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Relatively than panic, know that you’ve taken the time vital to supply a sound reply (with supporting evidence) to this query.

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