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How to Build an Online Course Site?

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Are you looking for the Thrive Apprentice review? If you are, we have got you covered. This article will show you everything you need to know about the plugin.

After college or in free time, so many prefer learning something new that can benefit their life. Instead of offline classes, most people love online courses. In addition, online courses can be helpful when it comes to time management and availability.

If you are interested in something similar, you can create online courses and sell them for a profit. This article will show you a tool to help develop online courses and make money from them.

If you need a work-from-home job, there are multiple ways like blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing, etc. But, if you need something that comes with interactions, you should start your own online tutor website.

So many people are doing this and sharing their knowledge by creating helpful, easy-to-understand videos. Since WordPress is the best platform for creating websites and blogs, you can use it to start your online tutoring website.

All you need is the Thrive Apprentice WordPress plugin.

If your budget is too tight, this would be a great option. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, and no one needs technical knowledge to create courses as they want.

This Thrive Apprentice review will cover all of its features, why this one will be a great fit, and so on.

Get Started with Thrive Apprentice

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Next, let’s see the top features of Thrive Apprentice.

Custom Registration/Login Pages Custom Registration/Login Pages

WordPress’s default login and user registration pages are not optimized. With the Thrive Apprentice, you can get a completely elegant, beautiful-looking login and registration page. In addition, the pages can be customized according to your preferences.

Compatible with Most Themes Compatible with Most Themes

You can use any theme on your WordPress install with the Thrive Apprentice WordPress plugin. There will be no compatibility issues with the plugin and theme. Some people will prefer free themes from the WordPress themes repository (which is not recommended), and others will use the premium solution.

No matter which theme you are using.

Thrive Apprentice will never cause any trouble. But, of course, you can also use a custom-created WordPress theme.

Organizing Organizing

You probably need to break it into multiple chapters if you have a lengthy course. Doing this will help the student better understand the topic, and it will be straightforward to go through a specific topic.

Thrive Apprentice got three options for organizing chapters.

When you edit the course through the builder, you will have an option to configure these. You can make appropriate changes from the editor.

Classroom Customization Classroom Customization

Having a neat and not fancy classroom experience can be very professional. With the Thrive Apprentice builder, you can get an excellent experience. Usually, when you design a custom page on your WordPress installation, you probably need to use a WordPress page builder plugin.

In this case, you don’t need anything like that.

Thrive Apprentice got you covered.

You can control the fonts, colors, logo, headers, footers, etc. As you know, these are fundamental customization options. In addition, you can manage multiple templates through the editor if you need to learn more about advanced things.

And, of course, no technical knowledge is required.

Customer Importing Customer Importing

There are a lot of LMS plugins out there. As of now, you might be using one of them and planning to switch to Thrive Apprentice. However, to save time and effort, Thrive Apprentice comes with a solution called student importing.

With this feature, you can easily import students from your existing LMS plugin to Thrive Apprentice. You do not need to manually type in the student’s name, email, or other details.

All you need to do is export the student data from the existing plugin and import it to the new one. It’s that simple.

Course Bundles Course Bundles

Offering bundles will increase your revenue and reduce the cart abandonment rate. For example, instead of providing 3 individual (similar) courses, you can create a bundle and submit it for a lower price.

You can create a bundle with the courses you want through the dashboard. In addition, you can set up custom pricing and everything.

Course Cloning Course Cloning

Sometimes, you will need to clone courses. Similar courses will share almost identical steps to follow. In that case, the course cloning feature can be beneficial. This is one of the most requested features in the Thrive Apprentice WordPress plugin.

You can use the same style and structure of one course on another one using this feature. From the plugin settings, you can clone the course with just a click of a button. Then, you can start modifying the contents as you want.

Personalization Personalization

You can display contents conditionally according to the website visitor. For example, you can show specific content to your online membership website members. On the other hand, if non-registered website visitors check the homepage, they will see something similar with a CTA button.

This can be configured from the dashboard.

NOTE: Thrive Apprentice is not an online course plugin. It will help you organize your videos, lessons, templates, etc. In addition, you must need a recording of your online course and other study materials.

The tool doesn’t have a free version with limited features. However, as of today, they have got two premium subscription models.

  • Individual License – $97 a year
  • Thrive Suite – $299 a year

The individual license can be the best choice when you only need the Thrive Apprentice plugin. On the other hand, Thrive Suite is another excellent subscription plan if you are planning to get all their plugins for an affordable price.

Both subscriptions come with a 30-days moneyback guarantee, so if you are not comfortable with the purchase, you can get a complete refund.

Once you have verified the license key, you will get automatic updates from the WordPress updates page. Regarding support, they have a dedicated knowledgebase section just for the Thrive Apprentice WordPress plugin.

You can check the documentation section for relevant tutorials and installation guides. If you can’t find a similar, helpful article, feel free to contact the support agent.

They will help you within 24 business hours. After that, all you need to do is raise a support ticket through your account’s dashboard.

Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice is a premium WordPress plugin to create online courses. If yu need to learn more about the plugin, you can read our review.

Product Brand Thrive Themes
Product Price $97
Product Valid Until 2022-12-31
Product Rating

You can get the premium subscription of Thrive Apprentice below.

Get Started with Thrive Apprentice

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This section will show you how to install and activate Thrive Apprentice on your WordPress installation. The very first thing you need to do is log in to your Thrive Themes account and download the premium plugin files.

Once you have downloaded those, log in to your WordPress install, go to Add New plugins section, and install it.

Once you have installed it, activate the plugin.

You must verify the license key to unlock the plugin’s full potential. The license key can be obtained from your Thrive Themes account. Under Thrive dashboard, you will see an option to verify the key.

After doing it, you are good to go.

That’s it. This way, you can install and activate the Thrive Apprentice WordPress plugin on your website.

Get Started with Thrive Apprentice

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After opening the plugin’s settings, you will see a page like this.

From here, you can create a course listing page. Or, you can also use an existing page. In this case, we will create a new page for the courses. Next, name your design.

You can customize your entire course website through this editor. Adding courses and categorizing them is so simple through the builder.

You can use Thrive Apprentice to organize and publish online courses.

Get Started with Thrive Apprentice

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If you need to host online courses, you can rely on a dedicated platform like Udemy or create your own website. If you are going to start your own website for displaying online courses, you should purchase Thrive Apprentice WordPress plugin.

It comes with a lot of valuable features you will love. Also, the support team is pretty active and will help you with your issues on the go.

So, it is a wise choice.

We hope you have found this article helpful and enjoyed the read. Please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social media if you did. Also, for more related articles, you should consider checking our blog archive.

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