How can I make my posts as long term-concept-proof as achievable?

I am looking at altering the concept of my web page, from a remarkably tailored one I’ve experienced for yrs, to a more recent and a lot less difficult a single. This designed me know I have produced some bad selections in conditions of how I structure my posts and my concept.

For instance, I made use of numerous tailor made fields to display screen my article content in quite precise sites in my topic (which will be a great deal of operate to adapt now). A further illustration, in my internet site I made a decision to use a personalized field for the main image of just about every put up (as a substitute of just making use of the Showcased graphic solution, which is supported by most themes).

Since I am reworking most of it from scratch now, I was questioning what other rules and very best techniques I must stick to to keep away from the exact variety of difficulty in the foreseeable future. Any ideas or recommendations?

One thought on “How can I make my posts as long term-concept-proof as achievable?

  1. Try creating a plugin and add your customization there instead of theme. In this approach if you switch to a new theme, your customization will not get affected.

    Its recommended to use WordPress hooks and filters, so you can retain the customization. May I know the URL of your site and what custom fields do you use?

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