Get Rid of Poor Website Designs

Get Rid of Poor Website Designs

If you have long dreamed of creating a site on WordPress, but at the same time, you are not very confident when it comes to coding, then there is a solution. Elementor for WordPress incorporates the best features of online site builders that are suitable even for beginners and advanced features of the WordPress ecosystem.

In this article, we will tell you how to use Elementor, what sites you can create with it, and also point out the main pitfalls, advantages, and disadvantages of this platform – a complete Elementor review!


  • Elementor is the No.1 Free Website Builder for WordPress
  • The Drag and Drop website builder is recommended by over 5 million Professionals
  • Elementor Premium plans start at $49 only.

What Is The Elementor for WordPress?

Elementor for WordPress is a drag and drop editor. The visual editor performs all operations, that is, you get rid of the need to create code. WordPress Elementor plugin is an open-source project; that is, thousands of developers are continually improving it voluntarily. Next, we will understand how it works and what you can do with this plugin.

Elementor Review and How Does it Work?

Elementor for WordPress works just like any other visual website editor. According to the developers, with its help, you can control every element of a dynamic site, change the location of components, font sizes, background, quickly place buttons for communication and sharing, and much more.

The main advantage of this approach is that the process of creating a site does not require writing a single line of code. Everything has been written for you for a long time, and as a result, you get a full WordPress site.

Main Elementor Features

So, we already understood what Elementor is, and now let’s look at its primary functions.

Drag And Drop Page Builder (No Coding)

As we already said, any action with your future site is performed visually, that is, before your eyes. All you need to do is manually change, add or delete elements until you get the desired result.

Responsive Editing In Real-time

We deliberately said that all changes occur before your eyes. This technology is sensitive; that is, every change you make is instantly reflected on the site if it is already published. Moreover, you can switch to a draft version, and then you will see the process of changes, but they will not be displayed on the site, which is already available to visitors.

Autosave, Redo, Undo

These are standard functions necessary to ensure a quick and error-free website editing process. Moreover, the history of changes is also available for viewing.


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Design Customization

The main difference between the Elementor and standard online designers like Wix is that you can create a design from scratch. Online designers offer only to select a specific template, which can be challenging to customize or cannot be customized at all.

With Elementor, things are different. Here you can create absolutely any design, use dynamic images, as well as edit the photos that you apply directly in the process of creating the layout.

Typography Features

As for the typography, there are also vast opportunities for choice. You can either select fonts that are already built into the Elementor or add your custom fonts.

However, do not forget that the font should be readable, easy to perceive, and reflect the values and mood of the brand for which you are developing a site.

Marketing Forms And Widgets

WordPress Elementor also contains a large number of marketing forms and widgets. For example, a feedback form, a countdown counter, a carousel of reviews, sharing buttons and counters for social networks, pop-up notifications, and much more.

Flexible Settings For Mobile

The site that you create using Elementor will already be adapted for mobile devices. However, you can give your users the best usability due to additional functions.

For example, you can change the distance between the elements depending on the width of the screen, arrange the navigation in the order you need, change the width of the menu column. And also control the elements that will be shown or hidden if the client uses a mobile device.

What Websites Are Possible to Create With Elementor + Examples?

Portfolio Sites

It will be easy to create a portfolio site due to the unique design and the ability to edit photos directly in the visual editor. You can always use this plugin on a professional WordPress portfolio theme for extending the features.

Online Course Sites

You will not have difficulty attracting users to such a site due to excellent opportunities for SEO, integration with email services, flexible settings for lead forms, and social buttons.

eCommerce Sites

Powerful features for eCommerce plus advanced marketing are what Elementor has to offer.


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Coupon Sites

You will have enough built-in tools, even for such a specific project. A plugin like WP Coupons can be used for this.

Review Sites

Use the functions of the carousel of images and the carousel of reviews to get a full-fledged project of this type.

Staff and Team Pages

    This idea is similar to a portfolio site.

Recipe Sites, Real Estate Listings, Classifieds, Business Directories

You can build the logic of your project yourself. Therefore the Elementor is also suitable for projects that involve many categories and subcategories.

And here are the examples you may be inspired by Creative Core, Steel Box Co, Shake Design, ColorWhistle. By the way, you can find more ideas about which sites you can create using the Elementor on the official website.

How to Use Elementor – Tutorials

After we have learned the essential functions and also understood which sites can be created using Elementor, let’s pay attention to the practical part of our guide.

How to install Elementor?

It is possible to do it in three steps and two different ways.

  • Add a new plugin in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Choose the Elementor file you have downloaded recently and upload a new plugin.


  • Type “Elementor” in the search bar.
  • Download and activate it.
  • Add a new page on the left side of a dashboard.
  • Click on Edit with the Elementor button.
  • Now you will be transferred to the visual editor where you may do anything you want.
  • If you need to create a header, add a new header (Templates > Theme Builder > Header >).
  • Create a template or come up with your design.
  • Change Default to Header in Settings Section and Publish after your design is ready.

Some folks would like to create a footer also. The process of creating a footer is similar to creating a header, just start with the appropriate section.

How To Check Mobile Responsiveness with Elementor?

You may create and change your website depending on the size of the screen, so there will be a desktop, tablet, and mobile versions. For each version, you can change the font size and adjust visibility, hiding, or showing the necessary columns. To check your results, you should go Device Preview section and switch between the gadget types.


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Pros and Cons

This guide would be incomplete without listing the main advantages and disadvantages of the platform.


Let’s start with the benefits.

Ease Of Use And Flexible Customization

This is pure truth and a definite advantage. Elementor is so easy to install and use that even a schoolchild can handle it. Moreover, the developers of the platform do not limit the developers of personal projects in the possibilities for customization. The unique design and flexibility of all settings prove this.

A Lot Of eCommerce Widgets

Sites created using the Elementor are ideal for e-commerce. It is also possible to connect various widgets, for example, Google maps, a carousel of images for goods, blocks for reviews and rating stars, social buttons, progress bars, and so on.

Wide Integration Possibilities

A site created with the help of Elementor integrates with whatever you want. It can be mail services like MailChimp, marketing software like Hubspot, other WordPress plugins like Yoast or WooCommerce, all social networks, and technical tools like Captcha or Google Fonts.

Excellent Features For Marketing Promotion

A site created using Elementor will be well sharpened for marketing promotion. As we already said, during development, you can correctly integrate calls to action, connect various forms for lead generation and flexibly configure them, set sharing buttons and counters for social networks, and also easily integrate with marketing software.

100% Mobile-Friendliness

As we already said, you can make additional efforts to provide the most relaxed experience on mobile. To do this, it is enough to think over the user interface for tablets and smartphones, and then hide or show the necessary sections.


Some users also pay attention to the following flaws.

Not Flexible Price

Yes, the price is not flexible, and the package that makes sense is not cheap enough -199 dollars for an annual subscription. It is impossible to change or expand the list of functions that you receive as part of the subscription. You can only work with a large number of sites in the Expert tariff plan.

Slow Synchronization

As a rule, all changes are synchronized in real-time. Yes, sometimes delays do occur, but this is mostly due to technical work on the server.


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Slow Support

Everything will depend on your luck here. Support responds quickly in several cases, but sometimes it is possible to wait for an answer for a long time.

However, the official site provides many useful materials and tutorials, plus you can always ask a question in the developer community.

Slightly Boring Templates

This is a very subjective opinion since the platform provides more than 300 templates with the ability to create a unique design from scratch.

Therefore, most likely, those who say that the built-in templates are boring just have not yet come up with something interesting that can be done with them. The gallery is enormous, and the possibilities for customization are endless – it can no longer be boring.

Pros Cons
  • Easy To Use.
  • Multiple Widgets.
  • Integration Opportunities.
  • Mobile Responsive.
  • Awesome Features.
  • A Bit Expensive.
  • Slow Sync.
  • Slow Support.
  • Boring Templates.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

So, Elementor for WordPress has established itself as an intuitive and convenient platform for quickly-launch sites with a unique design and excellent opportunities for marketing and SEO promotion.

The only actual drawback of this technology is not a flexible pricing policy. Therefore it is more suitable for those developers who are sure that they can pay back the subscription cost and can create 1000 sites a year.

Get Started With Elementor

If you are planning to purchase the Elementor premium version, you can do it from below.

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