Display screen many submissions for one industry in the similar row (gravity sorts)

I am making an attempt to set up a function wherever customers can submit an entry (a one discipline) each time they use a website page.

I would like these entries to be displayed in a single row in a watch – case in point under:


|Website page|Entry 1|Entry 2|Entry 3|
|Modern peak (cm)|155.1|155.1|156.2|
|Modern body weight (kg)|75.5|75.6|75.7|

So significantly I have set up a kind which instantly populates the site and consumer, even though accumulating the single entry.

I can then display screen this making use of gravity views and the highly developed filter extension to only show people their individual entries.

I are unable to however show each entry in a row like the case in point previously mentioned.

Enable would be significantly appreciated!


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