Top 42 Free HTML5 Admin Dashboard Templates 2021

40 Best Free & Responsive Admin Templates 2022

Boost your workflow and save yourself enormous amounts of time with these free admin templates.

You can now create a fantastic user interface for your online projects without the need to invest too much of your effort into it. Take ready-to-use templates to your advantage and manage your websites and apps like the big fishes are doing it.

Once you have all under control and a complete overview of your project, you can start tweaking and scaling up the results.

All free admin templates you find in the collection below sport a stunning homepage layout that you can tailor to your needs. Not only are these tools valuable in features, but they are also all marvelous rocking designs. This only makes them more pleasurable to use.

You cannot go wrong with a template that follows modern design trends and excellent characteristics. But it all comes down to your personal preferences and requirements.

Create a powerful admin specific to your needs

However, once you grow your project to new heights, you might find yourself in need of upgrading the admin. We have many free admin templates for you to find the one that will meet your needs. Some are more specific, while others are more generic.

In most cases, free versions come with a premium upgrade. But if you feel like free is not really what you are looking for, skip this step and go with a Bootstrap admin template right off the bat.

We have you sorted if you are launching a fresh new project that needs an admin dashboard. Whether you are looking to test the waters with a free tool or jump in with both feet and choose a premium admin template, we have a solution for you.

In both cases, each template you go with is responsive and comes with a certain amount of features that you will find of benefit. Take action now and build superb web apps.

Best Free Admin Templates For Your App

ArchitectUI HTML Admin Template

ArchitectUI is an excellent and easy-to-use admin template for all sorts of different applications and projects you have going on. If a neat admin dashboard is what you are currently looking to create, make sure you do not miss checking out ArchitectUI. You will discover all the necessary equipment to bring your idea to a realization at a rapid speed. In the bundle, you will find nine ready-made demos that you can utilize out of the box or customize according to your preference. But this is just the beginning of the complete collection of amazingness ArchitectUI has in store for you.

What’s more, you also get over fifty handy elements, more than thirty chart box variations, plugins, form widgets and components, tables and various icons packs. Of course, ArchitectUI is also entirely responsive and cross-browser compatible. In other words, your admin will work flawlessly regardless of the device and platform.

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Simplicity and effortlessness are two core characteristics of Kero. Still, there is a lot more to this admin template than that. The canvas comes in nine different demos, each with both horizontal and vertical structures. In addition to that, Kero also includes nine various color schemes for elements, giving you a broad specter of possibilities without investing too much time into it. While the default configurations already fit many users, you can, of course, take one more step and modify the layout of Kero to the way you fancy.

Let’s dig even more profound. Kero includes 25 button types, neat application samples, 10 card styles, and varying navigation menus. Even if using the available as-is, you will still witness fantastic results with Kero. Avoid the complication and keep things professional and straightforward with Kero.

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Sales Dashboard

sales dashboard

Sales Dashboard is a powerful admin template for monitoring sales and financing data of any business and organization. This just shows that Sales Dashboard is for everyone, as you can modify it to your needs with ease. You can stick to the default settings, or you can take things one step further with your edits and configurations.

Applications, websites, SaaS, you name it, this is the solution that will help realize a first-rate admin panel. You can now have a complete overview of your business’s operation, which will help you with optimization and scaling.

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Cryptocurrency Dashboard

cryptocurrency dashboard

If you are in the Bitcoin and crypto space, Cryptocurrency Dashboard is the ideal solution to opt for. In this collection of admin templates, you get all the possible variations for every project and application you can think of. The template is great for websites, CMS, stock market, ICO, analytics, well, you get the gist of it – anything.

The latest technologies and various components ensure that your admin will be outstanding without investing too much time into it. You are free to work with the out-of-the-box version of Cryptocurrency Dashboard or customize the look and functionality.

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Finance SaaS Dashboard

finance saas dashboard

You can only go the extra mile once you track and monitor everything – to the very last detail. With Finance SaaS Dashboard, you can do just that without the need to start from the ground up. It is a remarkable admin template for financial data, but you can also alter it to something else.

There are different dashboard and internal page layouts to choose from and various color skins. Even by using it out of the box, many will have a chance to establish the necessary dashboard. On the other hand, Finance SaaS Dashboard accepts customizations and improvements, too – just in case.

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Marketing Dashboard

marketing dashboard

Marketing Dashboard is a modern admin template for all marketers and agencies. Whether working on your campaigns or clients’, keeping track of everything is vital for success. With the right admin, you can succeed at it, enjoying making the right decisions based on statistically significant data.

With Marketing Dashboard, you can monitor the users’ steps when using your conversion funnels. You can test what works, optimize and go from there. Thanks to Marketing Dashboard, manage and maintain campaigns like a champ and keep everything as organized as possible.

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Analytic Dashboard

analytic dashboard

Analytic Dashboard helps create an admin panel that will track your application or project’s analytics to the very last detail. You can monitor all sorts of metrics by default, but you can also modify Analytic Dashboard and expand it with new features. Instead of using 3rd-party platforms, you can now create one exclusive for your needs.

The layout is mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible, ensuring excellent performance for every user. Some more features are a back-to-top button, sticky sidebar navigation, drop-downs, animations, and a whole lot more. Of course, you can preview it first, see it in full effect and go from there.

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Directory Dashboard

directory dashboard

With the right tools, tracking directory and listing platforms happen easier than you think. To your luck, Directory Dashboard is a dedicated template that will help speed up the task with its very many features and components. The tool even comes with different dashboard designs and various internal page layouts to choose from.

Still, there’s a lot more to it. Multiple applications, components, UI elements, cards, maps, well, you get it all and more. The design is clean and the layout responsive, guaranteeing an enviable experience. You can also get in touch with the support team and enjoy regular updates.

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User Management Dashboard

user management dashboard

Taking user management to the next level happens much easier than you think. To make it happen comfortably and effectively, you need User Management Dashboard, period. This admin template is packed with great features that will help kick-start your project.

You can work with User Management Dashboard out of the box, but you can also configure it to your liking. You get a collection of over two hundred components in the kit, saving you plenty of time and energy. The layout is also responsive and Bootstrap-based, using only modern technologies.

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Hospital HTML Dashboard

hospital html dashboard

When building an admin panel for a hospital, clinic, or other medical institution, start with a ready-to-use template. Hence, the name, Hospital HTML Dashboard, will help you start on the right track right away. With the minimal and eye-catchy design and plenty of features, this is the suitable site canvas that will support you in speeding up the building process.

In the kit, Hospital HTML Dashboard delivers internal pages, applications, UI components, widgets, forms, charts, and many other goodies to take to your full advantage. This is also a Bootstrap Framework template with the latest technologies, promising a first-class performance.

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AdminLTE 3

Bootstrap 4 admin template

AdminLTE provides a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components. It features over one thousand icons, custom-made plugins, six different skins, and more. Of course, you can expect AdminLTE to be responsive, flexible, and browser compatible. AdminLTE ensures that your admin panel will always operate steady and stable no matter where the user comes from. In the AdminLTE kit, you will discover your requirements to get things going with your novel application.

Bear in mind, AdminLTE is based on Bootstrap Framework and incorporates all the latest web practices. AdminLTE is also lightweight, loading fast without a hitch. If you need a complete tool to sort out your admin dashboard, start with AdminLTE and go from there. Before you fully commit, make sure you first check out the live preview and see AdminLTE in action. Test different color skins and other functions and see what is possible.

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Adminator (Bootstrap 5)

A free Bootstrap 5 admin template that sounds very powerful if you read its name aloud. Adminator does not shy away from creating powerful administrators and back-end dashboards. A collection of custom pages, applications, and widgets at your service speed up the building process. It is minimal and modern in design, making it more fun to work with. Not to mention appealing to the eye. Now you can have all the site and app data gathered in one gorgeous location.

Adminator comes with Google and vector maps, chat, forms, UI elements, and additional pages, like sign-in/up and error 404 pages. There is little work needed to run and start using it for your popular website. See where the visitors come from, monthly sales, and a to-do list for the following week.

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ArchitectUI VueJS

ArchitectUI VueJS is a free admin template with a clean, sophisticated and contemporary design. It creates a great atmosphere, showcasing all the content beautifully regardless of the device and platform everyone uses. If you are making an admin dashboard for an application or any other web project you plan to start, get the admin section rocking with ArchitectUI VueJS. Indeed, there is no need to start from scratch when you have the tools at your fingertips. And, sometimes, they do not even cost a dime to get things rolling – that’s when you go with ArchitectUI VueJS.

The features of ArchitectUI VueJS include fifteen hand-picked Vue widgets and components that work in harmony for a killer outcome. Bear in mind, even if you are a complete beginner, you will still manage to use ArchitectUI VueJS and play around with different features and functions.

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ArchitectUI Angular 12

ArchitectUI Angular 12 is among the few free admin templates based on Angular, especially on Angular 12. It comes with all the features you might want for a fully functional Angular dashboard. But if you need more flexibility, you can always upgrade to PRO. But first, dive in and employ the free version to its full potential and see the difference. If you are keeping things fairly basic, chances are, you might end up using the free version forever. Of course, the PRO version unlocks a whole new specter of features that you can take to your full advantage.

Multiple color schemes, mobile-ready layout, Bootstrap elements and functional components are some of the amenities that will benefit you greatly. You know which template to go with if you need a quick admin fix based on Angular 12.

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ArchitectUI React

ArchitectUI React is among a handful of Bootstrap admin panels that are given out for free, and it is certainly the best looking one of all of them. Undoubtedly, ArchitectUI React practices all the latest web and tech trends to ensure that your online space runs seamlessly at all times. ArchitectUI React comes with all the components you might need for your admin panel. However, if you are looking for more you can always upgrade to the PRO version.

Like all the other templates that you find on this list, ArchitectUI React also includes many vital elements and components that will help you out on your journey. ArchitectUI React even can change the style and position of features. For example, you can set a fixed header, footer, or sidebar by adding specific CSS classes.

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ArchitectUI HTML

To hammer out a top-notch admin dashboard, you do not need to be an expert developer in this day and age. Thanks to the free admin templates that we have in store, you can now easily create the dashboard of choice. Sure, any prior experience is welcome for a speedy solution. But ArchitectUI HTML comes with all the basic features and goodies that will help you kick off your project in close to no time. With that in mind, ArchitectUI HTML is the best fit for simple applications. Of course, it is the well-liked Bootstrap Framework that powers ArchitectUI HTML, which gives the site canvas complete flexibility.

Although ArchitectUI HTML is free, you can still change and modify the colors and styles of header and sidebar. Make it follow your branding regulations and keep your professionalism intact.

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gentelella free admin template

Gentelella is this stunning free Bootstrap dashboard template that you can use to build outstanding admins with it. Since the layout and all the elements are built and ready to use, you will save yourself plenty of time with it.

Due to Bootstrap Framework, Gentelella is flexible and ready to work and adapt to any screen size, mobile, tablet, and desktop. Charts, calendar, off-canvas menu, progress bars, and other elements that you need when creating the wanted admin panel. The tool also comes with several jQuery plugins that will be highly useful when tracking data and optimizing your online project.

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Metronic (Premium)

Metronic is by far the most popular premium admin template ever released. It comes with many layout variations and works as HTML template and Angular 7 native template. In short, Metronic is a powerful and convenient tool, perfect for both beginners and advanced users. First and foremost, when working with Metronic, you do not need to worry about any of the technical aspects of an admin dashboard. Metronic is mobile-ready, flexible, retina-friendly, and compatible with all modern web browsers.

For everyone who is setting up a custom admin for the first time, Metronic also includes video tutorials to simplify the process. Moreover, the author regularly keeps the template up to date, ensuring your Bootstrap admin stands the test of time. Metronic also contains a cool layout builder which helps you alter and fine-tune the look to your preferences. Look no further, take action right now and start making moves without breaking a single drop of sweat.

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Whether you are someone new who needs a custom admin or a professional individual, available free tools are a handy approach for both. The former will save time and effort while the latter may gain inspiration. You can even switch to pro version and scale things up in many cases. But go with the free and only upgrade when you feel there is a need.

ElaAdmin is one of many great free admin templates which sports Bootstrap 4. It has many jQuery plugins that you can use for your actively working project. It is a responsive template with an elegant and flat design that makes it eye-friendly no matter your device. Login, profile and users pages, charts and tables, tasks and messages, are all part ofElaAdmin. It is only a matter of time when you see the first numbers in your dashboard that you put together with ElaAdmin.

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A free admin template like Concept is ready and set to put you on top. Whether it is an eCommerce business, financial, sales or social media project you are working on, Concept is here to sort you out. What’s impressive about Concept is that it is a four-in-one kind of template. In other words, once you download it and put it to use, you will notice that there are four dashboards at your service. Pick the one that suits your needs and start from there. Of course, if you fancy Concept but you would like to use it for something different, by all means, adjust and edit it to your likings.

Concept is packed with features, like icons, UI elements, charts, tables, forms, maps and many internal pages. As for the latter, Concept comes with invoice, sign up, calendar and login sections to name a few.

More info / Download


CoolAdmin is an excellent free admin template that will do you and your application exceptionally well. There is no need to look elsewhere after a simple, neat, and sophisticated template to craft the highest level admins. CoolAdmin is still more on the premium side than the actual free despite the free part. It is loaded with unique features and assets that help you save time and energy for your dashboard’s fast and efficient launch.

CoolAdmin is a Bootstrap 4 based tool with four different dashboard variations and numerous custom pages, charts, widgets and other practical components and elements. You will have a ton of fun getting things rolling on the web with your freshly set up admin and have your entire internet presence under full command. Take action now and thrive.

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Admindek is a powerful clean, minimal-looking free admin template for your up-and-coming application and other online projects. If a dashboard is the last piece of the puzzle, here you have a spectacular one that will take care of your needs and display all the info, stats, and other whatnots beautifully and stunningly. Admindek is also mobile-ready, appearing on multiple different devices smoothly. It adjusts instantly and acclimatizes to modern web browsers like a charm.

It is a Bootstrap-based admin template with an overall massive collection of UI elements and even predefined pages for your convenience. What’s more, Admindek comes with many useful widgets that will cover all segments of your project. Besides, you can comfortably adjust the look and the elements to your needs.

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Adminty is a Bootstrap-powered template, following the latest standards and regulations of the web. That said, it is fully flexible Adminty is a solid site skin that covers all sections of your admin dashboard. and extendable, effortlessly adjusting to your needs and regulations. With the number of features and assets Adminty comes with, you have all the material for your mobile, desktop or even web app. From loads of pages and left sidebar navigation to animations a variety of tables, Adminty has the content you need at your disposal.

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Growing with free Bootstrap admin template, Sufee, will happen much smoother. You do not have to have a ton of prior coding and design knowledge to create a custom admin dashboard. You will quickly and effectively have a professional-looking administrator ready for your online projects. No need to be learning something new, Sufee makes it all effortless even if you are a novice.

If you need a quick and easily manageable solution to begin your online journey with, Sufee is a great starting point. Sufee is a customizable, responsive and lightweight template that looks stylish and loads fast. No need to be dealing with too much technical and design work. Most of it is finished and ready to be put into play. Just make the first step, take action and all the rest becomes history.

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SRTDash is a multi-functional free admin template based on the well-known Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS, and jQuery. It is a very straightforward tool to cater to both beginners and advanced users. You have all the content you require to run your website successfully and have it under complete control in one location. There is no need to look elsewhere when SRTDash delivers a massive bundle of reusable UI elements and add-ons.

In the SRTDash kit, you will discover three different homes that you can further improve to your liking. In total, there are over 46 pages for just about anything you can think of. Indeed, SRTDash is also mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, making it work smooth and stable. Free updates are also part of the download, so you are assured that your admin always follows all the regulations and will stand the test of time.

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Vuetify Material Dashboard

vuetify material free dashboard templates

Vuetify Material Dashboard is a neat free admin template with a modern design. The tool uses VueJS and other modern technologies that call for a powerful outcome. Also, the use of Vuetify Material Dashboard will be very straightforward, but you do need to have the basics under the belt. From then on, it will be only fun and games.

The free version of Vuetify Material Dashboard contains sixteen reusable elements, two plugins and seven ready-made pages. Of course, there is always an option to go pro and unlock a ton of material that will help take your app to the next level.

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Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

vue light bootstrap free dashboard templates

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard is a Bootstrap and VueJS template for building admin panels. It is a versatile alternative, as it has no problem adapting to different aims and ideas. The template’s layout is also mobile-ready, so your dashboard instantly reshapes to different screen sizes.

Sass files, elements, plugins and example pages; it’s all at your fingertips. Moreover, you can choose from six different color skins and even use an image background in the sidebar area. Documentation is also included for your convenience and to start making moves right away.

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Vue Material Dashboard

vue material free dashboard templates

If you want to kick-start your admin panel creation, make it happen with Vue Material Dashboard. It is a free solution with heaps of features that will get you moving in the right direction immediately. After all, you are free to use Vue Material Dashboard as is, but you can style it further, too.

Even though a free admin template, you still get many great amenities. There are different page layouts, many elements, color skins and plugins to choose from. If you are new, you have an available installation process and documentation as well. Still, it is advisable to have some fundamental knowledge before enjoying a successful (and quick) execution.

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Kiaalap is everything you need when picking up the ideal free admin template for your application or website. But it will be the best fit for schools, universities, and colleges. There is genuinely nothing missing in the massive package of elements, pages, and plugins. Kiaalap appears to be very premium-like for a free tool, and that is precisely what our aim is. We always try to bring to the table as much as possible so you can run your pages and project successfully without the need to spend a dime.

First, choose between three eye-catchy home designs that Kiaalap comes with. While they keep things simple, clean and minimal, each is unique in its way. Analytics with animations, widgets, color picker, students and professors pages, as well as courses, it is all there, at your fingertips.

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Notika is the one free admin template to consider if you look for something slightly different in appearance. While, for the most part dashboard layouts have a fullscreen look with a top or, predominantly, sidebar navigation, Notika stands out remarkably. It has a boxed design with an excellent “drop-down” menu and smooth animation to spice up the experience. Notika almost appears like a magazine-style page, but it is nothing similar in its features and assets.

Notika is a free canvas based on Bootstrap Framework for flexibility and ease of use. Along with four different dashboards, Notika also comes with several inner pages for emails, charts, tables, forms and invoices to name a few. Animated analytics and many available widgets with special effects are also free for you to employ.

More info / Download


If you do not know how your website or application performs, your future might not be as bright as expected. From the front-end to the back-end, as well as the admin panel. The latter is especially important if you want to track your users’ actions, analytics, be aware of any particular alerts and get all these other useful information.

Instead of doing things yourself, you can now use Octopus, a highly sought free admin template powered by Bootstrap. It has all the stuff predefined for you. Not to mention, the amount of contents you get is in very high numbers. Use and reuse the available and refined Octopus to your needs.

More info / Download


Do you fancy darker layouts? If so, and to best resonate with your main projects, here is Nalika, a free admin template with a dark look. This magnificent piece of web art comes in three different variations for you to find the one the best works for you quickly. Of course, you can always edit, adjust and improve the web design and feature only the stuff you need. For instance, you might not need all these numerous pages and widgets. If that is so, feel free to remove them, but you can, at any time, reuse them later on.

Nalika is also compatible with all devices and web browsers, for you and other users can access it anytime, anywhere. Have a better understanding of your traffic, bounce rate, page views, orders, get messages, and all the other practical and handy stuff, thanks to the power of Nalika.

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nice free admin template

You can pretty much guess what you get with Nice free admin template. Of course, it is a friendly, clean, sophisticated, and easy-to-use tool that works well with different applications and online projects. Nice is a Bootstrap Framework tool, follows all the latest web and tech trends. Your dashboard will be mobile-ready, responsive, retina-screen friendly, cross-browser compatible, and performing at the speed of lightning.

Other goodies of Nice are seven-page layouts, over ten UI components, Material icons, and Google Maps, to name a few. Of course, any time you find yourself in a position where extra options would come helpful, Nice’s Pro version is the upgrade you should consider. However, if the light version suits you just fine, you can use it for as long as you want.

More info / Download


elegant free admin template

Elegant is the free template that we are talking about, ready and set for you to employ it out of the box. Another cracking free admin template from nice to elegant will speed up the process and equip you with the needed admin dashboard. Of course, you can perform light tweaks to tailor it to your needs. Bear in mind, since Elegant is a free admin template, certain limits are set. That said, if you would like to benefit from all its extraordinary features, you can also step things up and go with the Pro version of the Elegant tool.

Elegant is based on the Bootstrap 4 Framework, fully responsive, flexible and extendable. One basic dashboard is accompanied by six additional page layouts and ten UI elements. Elegant has a very premium-like feel for a free site canvas that will kick-start your project.

More info / Download


xtreme free admin template

May the name not fool you, there is nothing adrenaline-rushing about free admin template, Xtreme. The web design is still straightforward to use, appealing to the eye, and professional at the same time. Xtreme Lite version sports basic features, which are more than enough to test the waters and see how things work. Besides, if this is all you need to manage and maintain your web space, by all means, stick to Xtreme Lite, and all the rest becomes history.

However, for your convenience, Xtreme Pro is the way to go when your application grows and needs more nourishing. The solution is here: download Xtreme now and put it to use right away. Start with the free options; you get one admin demo, seven pages, profile page, Google Maps, ten UI components, and Font Awesome icons.

More info / Download


coreui free admin template

CoreUI follows all the latest trends and technologies to make your user interfaces of the highest standards. It is a completely free item that you can download and put to work right off the bat. It is an open-source Bootstrap 4 Framework admin template with many great features. Instead of coming up with your design and putting together the admin panel’s preferred elements, CoreUI has most stuff ready to use.

Various widgets, social media integration, forms, Font Awesome icons, cards, you name it and the CoreUI template will deliver it. The main off-canvas menu and notifications, messages, and settings menu for quick access play excellent navigation.

More info / Download

Pixel Admin Lite

pixel admin lite free template

An inevitable free admin template for your online projects is certainly Pixel Admin Lite. Pixel Admin Lite template is easy to customize and tailor to your precise needs. It uses soft colors, up-to-date design, and plenty of features to bring about an outstanding admin dashboard. The template comes with seven templates for pages, like error 404, profile page, and others. With over ten UI elements, you easily create the much-needed admin panel to completely control your app or website’s performance.

Notice: you can use the free version of the template for personal use. If you would like to use it commercially, you need to go with the pro version of Pixel Admin Lite. But test the waters with the gratis version and see how it goes. With the upgrade, you get many more cool features and extensions to bring your admin to the next level.

More info / Download

Ample Admin Lite

ample admin lite free template

Ample Admin Lite is a clean and minimal free admin panel. You can use it for almost any type of dashboard for every application or website you are working on. And when you reach your business goals and need to upgrade, you can do it by going premium. Ample Admin has both options available. The first one is to see how it works, while the second is to unlock a whole new back-end world. Still, if the free version is all you need, by all means, stick with it for as long as you want, there is no time cap.

Some of the Ample Admin Lite template features are seven one-of-a-kind pages (404 included), more than ten UI elements, and a basic table for gathering data. If simplicity is your thing, then Ample Admin Lite is an excellent choice for you. Look no further and start building the required admin panel now.

More info / Download


klorofil free admin template

Elegance and cleanness are what you get with the free admin template, Klorofil. Of course, there is way more to it than just the looks, but we need to start somewhere, right? With the free option, you receive all the basic elements that a functional admin panel needs. That means tables, charts, timelines, notifications, and different predefined pages. You are treated with badges, buttons, and progress bars as far as the UI elements go. You definitely will not find anything missing.

To be more specific, the free version of Klorofil comes with fifty UI elements and three ready-to-use pages. You can use it for personal and commercial projects, but attribution is mandatory. Whenever you find it essential to go pro, skip excuses and jump in with both feet. But as a starting point, there is no need to be spending any budget.

More info / Download

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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