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18 Easy Tips to Earn Money with Amazon Affiliate Program!

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Amazon affiliate program is a form of affiliate marketing. It allows the website owner or blogger (advertisers) to affiliate with Amazon to earn money. In addition, the program will enable advertisers to place links on their websites. This will allow them to redirect the visitors to a product page of Amazon.

The advertiser will get the commission if the visitor makes a purchase.

The whole process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is create links to Amazon products on your website that a visitor can click to land at Amazon’s website. Then, if he purchases anything from Amazon India, you will be paid a certain amount of money.

Just like affiliate marketing and AdSense Monetization, it allows you to earn income as a third-party seller.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose the Amazon affiliate program:

1) Trusted Brand1) Trusted Brand

Amazon is an international brand with a global audience. According to Inc., Amazon is now officially the world’s most valuable brand. So you can trust that you’ll get your due commission.

2) Lucrative Commission Plan2) Lucrative Commission Plan

Amazon also offers a comprehensive commission plan. The plan incentivizes the advertisers to earn more money. So you can scale up your earnings with time.

3) Easy to Use3) Easy to Use

Using the Amazon affiliate program requires no intricate process. Instead, you can easily do it by integrating the code into your website.

4) Increase Value of Your Website4) Increase Value of Your Website

As a partner of the Amazon affiliate program, you will be able to scale up the value of your website. This means you can even sell your website at reasonable rates.

5) You Can Earn Good Income5) You Can Earn Good Income

Amazon is the largest online marketplace. People can use this platform to buy anything from a needle to the spare parts of the automobile. In other words, you will walk away with decent earnings.

Those, as mentioned earlier, are some of the prominent features of the Amazon affiliate program. Let’s now find out how to make money with the Amazon affiliate program. Here they are:

1) Learn About Your Target Audience1) Learn About Your Target Audience

First things first.

To get the best out of an Amazon affiliate program, you’ll first need to know about your target audience. This is important as it will enable you to link the right products on your website.

Let’s say you are a food blogger. You use your blog to share tips about the right foods and nutrients to add to their diet regimen. So you can link the supplement products in your articles that fitness freaks might want to buy.

Similarly, if your audience lives in a Muslim-dominated region, there is no point in linking a liquor product on your website. Knowing your audience’s tastes, likes, and dislikes will make it easier to advertise the right products on your blog.

2) Generate Traffic to Your Website2) Generate Traffic to Your Website

Since you are reading this article, we assume that you already know about the significance of traffic and the role of search engine optimization in increasing the Google ranking of your website.

You need the traffic to increase the readability of your blog. Likewise, you will need the traffic to scale up the threshold of your income you want to make with the Amazon affiliate program. Considering the vital role of traffic, you must tweak your website’s on-page and off-page optimization to get more visitors.

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3) Capitalize on Your International Traffic3) Capitalize on Your International Traffic

Amazon serves people from all over the world. This means you have an opportunity to earn income from a diversified audience. Whether your visitors belong to the North American region, Europe or Asia, you can make money by redirecting them to the Amazon website in their respective area.

What you will need is a plugin that can redirect your visitors to the respective region of your Amazon website. EasyAzon is one WordPress plugin that can help you send your visitors to the correct regional website of Amazon.

4) Write Product Reviews4) Write Product Reviews

Writing product reviews is the fastest way you can generate some good traffic. You can then redirect that traffic to Amazon and get some good commission. This is because the readers of product reviews are actually the potential buyers whom you can easily send to a product page. If that product is worth their money, they will definitely place the order, and you will get the commission.

5) Create Catchy Headlines5) Create Catchy Headlines

People love reading lists. Being an Amazon Associate Affiliate, you can lure more people into checking good products that they might want to buy. Your visitors will thank you for helping them get the best deal, and you will be able to earn some good commission.

6) Don’t Force the Buyers into Making a Purchase6) Don’t Force the Buyers into Making a Purchase

Readers don’t like reading articles that sound like a sales pitch. So if you are someone who writes an entire blog post on a product, you will only turn off your readers.

Instead of dedicating a whole article to a product, you should develop the need and desire in your visitors to buy a product. So be as natural as possible without sounding like a salesperson of Amazon.

You are only responsible for sending the visitor to Amazon. Once you do it, Amazon will do the rest of the job.

7) Target the Right People in the Buying Cycle7) Target the Right People in the Buying Cycle

You cannot earn money by giving tips on troubleshooting an iPod because you want your visitors to buy an iPod. Remember that a buying cycle starts with engaging the lead. Therefore, it happens only when you give them the proper education about a product.

You cannot expect a music enthusiast to buy an iPod when educating them about resetting an iPod. Obviously, that’s the last thing a potential buyer might want to know. Therefore, you must target the right people before writing something about a specific product.

8) Take Leverage From Special Events8) Take Leverage From Special Events

Festivities and events like Christmas, Easter, and Black Friday are some of the occasions when you can earn a good income with the Amazon affiliate program, and email marketing will be your best tool in this affair.

For example, it will be Easter Sunday on April 1, 2018. So you can write an article about the best gift items people can present to their spouse, relatives or friends.

For example, you can create a listicle with the title “Top 10 High-Tech Gadgets You Can Gift Your Friend On This Easter Sunday” or “The Best Easter Costumes You Can Buy For Your Kids.” Then you can create links to the product pages on Amazon. You can then send an email copy to all the people on your email list.

9) Add Amazon Affiliate Associate Widgets on Your Website9) Add Amazon Affiliate Associate Widgets on Your Website

Amazon offers many widgets to its users. Bloggers and website owners can embed those widgets to see the different products without leaving the website. With widgets, you can list the various products in the sidebar. It will make it easier for your visitors to get a glimpse into the available products without leaving your website.

10) Repurpose the Old Posts10) Repurpose the Old Posts

Your old posts may come in handy to increase your chances of making money with the Amazon affiliate program. Therefore, you can brush them up and create links to product pages. Start by making the links to your most popular posts.

You will be required to add some more words to contextualize the mention of a product. So take your time and make sure that each post sounds natural after including the links.

11) Focus on Products That Are Relevant to Your Topics11) Focus on Products That Are Relevant to Your Topics

Just like you write the articles on topics your audience likes to read, it is equally important that you recommend products they actually need to your readers. Therefore, don’t waste time writing about products that cannot benefit your audience. Instead, you should focus your writing only on relevant products.

For example, writing book reviews will not do any good if you are a technology blogger. So instead, you should write about technological products. This will include things like gadgets or gizmos. Then, just go to the Amazon website and make a list of products that your audience might want to buy.

12) Get Insights from the Available Data12) Get Insights from the Available Data

Just like any other aspect of online marketing, you must keep tabs on the progress of your Amazon affiliate program. You need to log in to your account and check the available reports to analyze the trend of your earning and what products got the highest sales.

Similarly, you can consider the complex data from Google Analytics to track the visitors, click-through rates (CTRs), and your website’s bounce rates.

13) Create Clickable Product Images13) Create Clickable Product Images

It is equally important to create links to product images you use in your content, like a textual link. Besides, a picture attracts a visitor quicker than a text. This makes it even more essential to include an image in your post. You can do it simply by adding the Amazon Affiliate Link Code to the HTML file of your website.

You should include the maximum number of links in your content to increase the possibility of redirecting the maximum number of visitors to a product page. As a general rule, the more links you create in the content, the more visitors you will send to the product page.

However, you need to make sure that the links are added organically and don’t sound like they are stuffed in the content, or you will irritate your readers, and they will likely take you as a spammer and not a blogger.

Amazon affiliate links have a cookie period only of twenty-four hours. It means that you will only be able to earn a commission for the purchases made by your lead; only within twenty-four hours, the affiliate link is clicked.

Creating new links regularly can increase the chances of sending more visitors to the product page. Unfortunately, this means that you have to keep adding new links to your content to make sure that you can draw in more visitors than you can redirect to a product page.

Amazon does not pay its partner any money on a purchase. But it does not stop you from shopping through Amazon. By trading links with your family member, friends, or acquaintances, you can still shop from Amazon and earn money as well.

In other words, you can buy something by clicking on a link from the website of one of your family members or friends. Similarly, your relatives or friends can do the same when they need to buy something from Amazon.

When you start earning money as a partner of the Amazon affiliate program, you tend to bother more about the links and not the needs of your target readers. Likewise, when money starts rolling in, you become only concerned about the bucks you earn from your blog rather than focusing on the value of information your blog offers to your readers.

Keep in mind that blogging is your primary identity, and it is your blogging skills that empower you to earn some money. But when you get bothered only about the money-making aspect of your blog, you tend to take your readers for granted, and this is when you start losing them. Remember that you can monetize your blogging skills only when you have readers.

18) Send People to Amazon Anyway18) Send People to Amazon Anyway

And last but not least…

Amazon is currently the most extensive online marketplace. So it has something for everyone. This allows you to make easy money in multiple ways. It does not matter if you run a travel blog or write articles on digital marketing. You can still earn good money.

The only thing you will need to do is send people to Amazon. Once you do it, people will find something to buy, and you will get the commission for the purchase. Therefore, you should keep your approach as diversified as possible. Don’t just resort to a single method and keep finding the different ways to redirect your visitors to Amazon.

Those mentioned above are some of the best ways to make money with the Amazon affiliate program. I hope the information will enable you to make a good income quickly. Best of Luck!

Note: This is a guest post by Anna Marsh. If you have good content to contribute, check our guest blogging guidelines.

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