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11 Best Ways to Get More Followers on Tumblr (2021)

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Do you want to get more followers on Tumblr? This article will show you how to increase the follower count with fewer efforts!

Tumblr has been one of the most popular social media sites for 15 years. If you have a Tumblr account, you’re aware that growing your audience and attracting followers is key to success. But with nearly 500 million blogs on the site, it can be challenging to stand out from the rest of the blogs on the site.

Thankfully, you can do a few things to get more followers on Tumblr.

Getting followers takes time, but it isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re interested in growing your audience, there are some tips you can do to make your blog more appealing to users.

They are:

  • Encourage People to Follow You
  • Follow Other Bloggers in Your Niche
  • Be Active in the Tumblr Community
  • Tag Your Posts
  • Update Your Content Frequently
  • Use a Call to Action
  • Promote Your Tumblr on Other Social Media Sites
  • Reblog Quality Content
  • Post Consistently
  • Create an Attractive Blog
  • Use SEO Strategies

Below, we will show you how to increase your Tumblr followers with minimum effort.

1) Encourage People to Follow You 1) Encourage People to Follow You

One way to get more followers on Tumblr is to contact users individually through Tumblr messaging or their posts. You will increase your chances of being followed, but you’ll also build a connection and relationship with those certain users.

However, avoid spamming or harassing others. It’s easy for people to tell when they’re being used just for your benefit. Instead, be kind, courteous, and find common ground they can identify with.

Another option is to offer incentives for new followers. For example, you may hold giveaways for prizes only available to people who follow your blog. Or you can simply advertise that your account is “follow for following,” which means you’ll follow back any users who follow you.

2) Follow Other Bloggers in Your Niche 2) Follow Other Bloggers in Your Niche

Having a general blog may seem like a good idea for attracting as many followers as possible. But without a direction, many people won’t understand the focus of your page and may fail to connect with your content. Not to mention, you personally might have a hard time figuring out what to write about or who to reach out to.

For this reason, it’s crucial to focus on a specific niche on Tumblr. As with most blogs on the internet, Tumblr pages with a focus tend to be more popular. This also helps you build authority in your subject.

3) Be Active in the Tumblr Community 3) Be Active in the Tumblr Community

Over 327 million active users visit Tumblr each month, which is a lot of people to attract. To increase your chances of converting readers into followers, it’s essential to engage with people who interact with your content. Because Tumblr is still considered a social network site, you’ll increase your visibility and fan base by staying active in the Tumblr community.

For example, you should respond to users who comment, like, or reblog your posts. You may also choose to return the favor by interacting or reblogging content on their page. This strengthens your relationship with your users and encourages them to follow your page.

It’s also worth looking for users or pages in your niche. If you find something you think your followers would like, feel free to reblog the content. Sharing valuable content is vital to promoting other creators and attracting new followers.

And finally, be respectful! You won’t win friends or gain followers by posting harmful content or rude comments.

4) Tag Your Posts 4) Tag Your Posts

You make your blog visible to the Tumblr community by adding tags to your posts. This makes it easier for readers to find you on the site when searching for a specific topic. However, your blogs might get lost amongst the millions of other posts published on Tumblr each day without relevant tags.

Simply navigate to the Tags field at the bottom of your post form to add a tag. You can add as many tags as you’d like, although only the first 20 tags will be used for search.

Make sure to use keywords or phrases that are relevant to your post. Although trendy buzzwords may get you more initial likes, deceit is not an excellent way to appeal to your audience. People are more likely to follow you if your content is related to what they are intently searching for.

5) Update Your Content Frequently 5) Update Your Content Frequently

Old content can easily get pushed back and forgotten, especially if outdated and no longer relevant. However, you can always go back and update your content to make it more appealing to today’s audience.

If followers see you are actively working on your page, they’ll be more likely to follow you because you provide helpful content. Updated posts and blogs will also be better indexed by Google. That means you’ll reach more users when they search your topic of keywords.

6) Use a Call to Action 6) Use a Call to Action

Putting a call to action in your post drastically increases the amount of interaction on your page. For example, if you want more followers, you can write “Follow me for more inspiration.” Or you can ask your readers a thought-provoking question that they can respond to in the comments. Another option is to tell users to reblog the post if they want to share the content with their own followers.

If you’re using Tumblr to gain traction for your company or product, you can also add a call to action for them to check out your website. However, this should be done sparingly as not to spam your followers with too many ads.

7) Promote Your Tumblr on Other Social Media Sites 7) Promote Your Tumblr on Other Social Media Sites

Self-promotion is one of the best ways to get new Tumblr followers. By sharing your Tumblr page with others on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, you can tap into a user base already interested in your content.

Those users on the other platforms can also share your content with their friend circle. So even if those people aren’t on Tumblr, your content will still be circulated and viewed by others.

Sharing your content with safe social media platforms is relatively easy. For example, after you post something on Tumblr, you should see an arrow button that allows you to share the post with other platforms. This is how you can promote your page to your social media channels. You can even copy the link and mail or message it directly to your readers.

8) Reblog Quality Content 8) Reblog Quality Content

If you’re new to Tumblr, reblogging content from other users can be an excellent strategy to get new followers. Reblogging is also a great way to add more niche content to your page. In fact, many users have Tumblr accounts just to reblog exciting things they find on the web.

When you reblog someone’s post, it’ll be shared on your page to all your followers. You’ll also have the ability to add images, comments, or gifs. However, it’s important not to steal or claim another user’s content as your own. It’s good etiquette to give credit to the original poster.

In the same vein, other Tumblr users have the option to reblog your content as well. This allows you to expand your audience reach and get more eyes on your content. It also backlinks back to your page and can potentially give you more followers. For these reasons, reblogging content is one of the most valuable tools you can use on Tumblr.

9) Post Consistently 9) Post Consistently

It can be challenging to know how often to post on Tumblr. While you want to keep followers engaged, you don’t want to spam them with too many posts. The last thing you want them to do is unfollow or block your account for being too annoying.

Remember that you don’t have to post explicit content each time. Photos, quotes, or short stories will also work if you’re unsure about what to post.

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to post somewhere between one and five times a day. Posting more often increases your chances of going viral. Not to mention, newer posts will be more visible in search. However, you shouldn’t post more than five times a day. At this point, you might start to irritate your fan base.

And don’t forget that original content will help you stand out from the crowds. That means creating posts specifically for your Tumblr blog. Users are more likely to follow unique users than people who post content they can find everywhere else on the internet.

10) Create an Attractive Blog 10) Create an Attractive Blog

Content isn’t the only way to attract followers, despite what you may think. The look and design of your blog also play a huge role in solidifying your brand. Users are more likely to visit your blog if it’s aesthetically pleasing, with eye-catching colors and easy-to-read fonts.

There are many free blog templates that you can use to spruce up your Tumblr page. Most templates can be customized with unique colors and fonts to make them stand out from other blogs using the same template. You can also pay for templates or hire a designer to create something custom just for your page.

The layout of your blog also makes a big difference. Make sure to keep your posts organized and easy for users to find the content they find valuable.

11) Use SEO Strategies 11) Use SEO Strategies

If you want users to find your Tumblr page while using a search engine, you’ll need to optimize your page for SEO. The better your SEO strategy, the higher you’ll appear on the search engine result page.

For example, it’s essential to use high-ranking keywords in your posts. Therefore, your content will show up more often when users search for certain words or phrases. This may take some research, as you’ll want keywords with a high volume that aren’t overly competitive.

You should also customize your title tag and meta description so your posts can be easily indexed by the search engine. And finally, make sure to add backlinks to other websites or Tumblr blogs. Link building helps increase your ranking on Google by telling them your page is connected to other valuable content.

As with any social media site, gaining visibility and new followers takes time and patience. So it’s okay to experiment with different methods to see what works for your page. Soon, you’ll find a strategy that works well for you and your blog.

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