10 Best Cloudways Alternatives 2022

10 Best Cloudways Alternatives 2022

Cloudways have grown in popularity owing to their one-of-a-kind cloud hosting approach. Users have always regarded Cloudways as an incredible cloud-based hosting service provider, however, there are a few of the finest Cloudways alternatives, each of which has an advantage over Cloudways.

These advantages vary from being simple, while others being a little more complex but faster and cheaper. Cloudways has ruled the market with remarkable stats in cloud hosting and is still the best cloud service provider solution for all users no matter if you want to host your WordPress websites or have enterprises, agencies, online businesses, etc.

10 Best Cloudways Alternatives

In this article, we’ve pointed out the top ten best Cloudaways alternatives, which can equip you with the best-managed services.

1) Kamatera

Kamatera is an affordable cloud hosting packed with powerful hardware, the latest server components, and simple infrastructure. What makes it an exemplary substitute for Cloudways is the availability of several operating systems support, along with custom OS deploying. When comparing the data center locations of both providers, Cloudways uses servers provided by third-party companies such as Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean, etc whereas Kamatera also has its own servers. 

Kamatera Core Features

  • There is an extensive assortment of operating systems, such as CentOS, FreeBSD, Windows, Debian, etc. that can be easily installed. 
  • Also, developer apps and CMS like Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Docker, LAMP, MongoDB, LEMP, and Tomcat software are also available to install. 
  • In a few minutes, you can set up a cloud server with the required system resources. The process is seamless, all you need to do is head to your account dashboard, select server zone, determine which OS/app you require, choose RAM, space, CPU cores, and other add-ons (if required), and you’re ready.
  • Regarding products and services provided by both hosts, you can discover myriad services from them, including add-ons like load balancers, firewall security, backup, IPs, etc. 
  • Kamatera provides you with flexible scaling options to incorporate the latest components comfortably. You can readily configure the advanced settings for RAM space.

Kamatera Pricing

Kamatera offers a 30-day free trial you get at sign-up, free for everyone with no commitment and restrictions. For the paid services, the prices can be as low as under 5$ per month. The best part is that Kamatera provides customized prices. You can customize these prices on different factors like hourly/ monthly prices.

Try Kamatera

2) Vultr

Whether you require enterprise or individual-level hosting Vultr house different cloud hosting solutions such as bare metals and dedicated servers etc. What makes Vultr unique from all others is its enormous cloud infrastructure system. Vultr enables you to upload your custom ISO and grants complete access to its ISO library. Boasting 25+ server locations worldwide, you can launch and deploy your sites anywhere around the world.


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Vultr is the finest example of a delighted level product, by spending just $5, you will get 1 CPU core, 25GB SSD storage, 1GB RAM, and 1TB bandwidth. So, if you want to cut down on cost without compromising quality, Vultr is an impressive alternative to Cloudways. If you do not have experience with cloud hosting, it will take some time to deal with things. Nevertheless, if you have little experience to manage cloud hosting, Vultr is undeniably an outstanding Cloudways alternative.

Vultr Core Features

  • Operates on the latest generation Intel Core processors that allow them to offer not only outstanding uptime but also fast speed services.
  • Provides a smooth easy-to-use control panel that is backed by plenty of 1 click apps such as WordPress, LAMP, Joomla, and more.
  • Provides a 100% SLA guarantee and all of their servers comprise solid-state drives with no added cost. 
  • Offers a host of other features such as multilocation deployment, private networking, secure connections, reserved IP addresses, and more.

Vultr Pricing

$6/Month – $144/Month

For beginners and SMEs, the pricing structure of Vultr is not only affordable but also very flexible. You will pay for what you use, it is seamless to incorporate features into your hourly or monthly package. Under SSD compute instances, if you choose 25 GB SSD, then you will pay $5/month. Developers can also personalize their cloud service packages with their ease.

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3) DreamHost

For managing WordPress hosting, DreamHost has demonstrated itself to be the best hosting service provider. We recommend many customers utilize DreamHost to manage WordPress hosting. With its WordPress hosting feature, we consider it to be one of the best alternatives to Cloudways. DreamHost is considered the most straightforward option as a server operating system for Windows, Linux, and Microsoft and will enable you to scale with many developing tools. 

DreamHost core features

  • Its intuitive control panel offers you admin access to all of your DreamHost products.
  • You can easily update domain information, gain access to promotions, adjust email settings, add users, and more.
  • Easy installation of web apps such as WordPress.
  • Provides 100% uptime along with a 302 ms less response time. 
  • Having SSDs, your website, caching, and database queries are quicker, almost  200% faster than HDDs.

DreamHost pricing

  • DreamHost is quite affordable and assures ease of usage. It provides three monthly plans and an hourly cycle of billing. 
  • Each program comprises 100 GB of block storage with free bandwidth. You will pay $4.50 per month for the 512 MB RAM server plan. 
  • The cost of a 2 GB RAM Server plan is $12.00 per month with 80 GB SSD, 1vCPU, and many more features. 
  • The 8 GB RAM Server plan is $48.00 per month with 4vCPU, 80 GB SSD, and many advanced features.

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4) FastComet

A highly fast cloud hosting service yet simple to use, FastComet is quite popular owing to its lightning-fast cloud hosting services that use 11 global data centers. Also, there are different impressive features (and also pricing) that make it one of the top Cloudways alternatives. The team at FastComet makes your migration seamless by providing a free professional site migration service with which you won’t be facing any downtime. It also provides 20+ frameworks, 450 applications, and other essential developer tools. Besides this, it provides several free services like weekly and daily backups, CDN, cPanel, etc.

The only alternative to Cloudways, FastComet keeps its pricing low despite presenting a good value package. 

FastComet core features

  • With FastComet and Imunify360 you get daily malware scans, a free SSL certificate, and an always-on web application firewall (WAF), keeping your site safe.
  • Equipped with cPanel – the most secure and accessible control panel on the market – free on all plans.
  • Get up to 70% enhanced performance with NVMe SSD, AMD EPYC™ CPU, Free CDN, and WordPress LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP).
  • Backed by 11 strategically located data centers in Europe, North America, Asia & Oceania, the hosting solutions are where your website has to be.

FastComet pricing

If you choose Cloud VPS Hosting plans, you could host unlimited websites with all the advanced features. These plans start at $47.95 per month. And, if you are looking for cheaper plans, you can choose from Shared Cloud Hosting plans.

Try FastComet

5) DigitalOcean

Another well-known cloud computing provider, Digital Ocean offers full freedom to make use of their server. They feature an easy in-house dashboard with different functionalities. You can choose from a myriad of distributions, including Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and more. Just like Cloudways, through the 1-click installer, you can install apps like Ruby on Rails, GitLab, WordPress, Node.js, etc. You don’t have to bother about scalability while hosting on DigitalOcean. With just a few clicks, bandwidth resources and additional block storage will be added to your account. 

DigitalOcean core features

  • DigitalOcean comes with a smart, alert system that lets you design your own alert policies on metrics and resources, etc.
  • In case you require technical support, you can contact them by making use of a ticketing system or explore more from their tutorials and documentation. 
  • DigitalOcean holds sufficient features such as collaboration tools, load balancers, simplicity, low-priced backups, and cheap pricing, hence proving to be a good Cloudways alternative.

DigitalOcean pricing


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The basic plan of DigitalOcean starts at $5 per month, which includes 1GB RAM, 25GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, and 1 core CPU.

Try DigitalOcean

6) Siteground

A popular shared WordPress host, SiteGround offers outstanding performance for a shared host. But, in exchange for that outstanding performance, it will cost you a bit more compared to other popular shared WordPress hosts. SiteGround utilizes Google Cloud infrastructure for most of its plans and also provides its own custom Site Tools dashboard, making it simple to deal with your site(s). Though SiteGround doesn’t work quite as well as Cloudways yet in a much simpler package, they will get you close to Cloudways’ performance. 

Siteground core features

  • Siteground provides enhanced performance features, like a companion SG Optimizer plugin and server-level caching that encourages you to incorporate pretty much all WordPress performance best practices. 
  • Some of the other useful non-performance features include free one-click SSL certificates, free email hosting (which Cloudways don’t offer), and automatic daily backups.
  • A custom implementation of PHP and MySQL for high website performance. The PHP setup reduces the TTFB (time to the first byte) and makes your pages load 30% faster on average.

Siteground pricing

The cheapest StartUp plan of SiteGround starts at $6.99 a month with promo pricing. However, it is recommended that most people should opt for at least the $9.99-a-month (promo) GrowBig plan, as it brings you enhancements like support for unlimited websites, server-level page caching, on-demand backups, and staging sites.

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7) TMDHosting

Backed with a rather impressive range of products on offer, TMDHosting caters to every need, from eCommerce to blogging. Its security features are quite remarkable, you will not come across a lot of web hosts that have a dedicated team to monitor the systems actively. TMDHosting VPS packages are Cloud-based and there are five to choose from, the lowest of which already provides a considerable amount of resources. 

TMDHosting core features


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  • TMDHosting uses cloud and computing groundbreaking technologies, speeding your website speed up to 30 times. Experience the super high-speed services running in 7 different locations around the world.
  • TMDHosting’s priority is your security. Regular updates, maintenance, daily backups, traffic, and content monitoring, are standard with fast all-SSD web hosting services.

TMDHosting pricing

  • They start at a remarkable 3 TB of traffic, 40 GB of SSD space, 2 GB of memory, and dual CPU cores. TMDHosting VPS starts from 19.97 per month. 
  • With almost all accounts here, you can experience a broad range of freebies. Some of them comprise features that might come as a chargeable extra on other hosts, such as spam protection, backups and restoration, and a domain name.

Visit TMD Hosting

8) Kinsta

A performance-optimized managed WordPress host, Kinsta uses Google Cloud infrastructure for all of its hosting plans. As they provide managed WordPress hosting, they’re a lot smoother than Cloudways and own more extensive support. You can totally focus on expanding your site rather than getting worked up about your hosting infrastructure. You’ll also get access to 24/7 support whenever you need it. 

Kinsta core features

  • You get lots of convenient features such as automatic daily backups, automatic WordPress updates, uptime monitoring, free one-click SSL certificates, staging sites, and proactive security rules, like malware scans, and firewalls.
  •  There’s also a free hack-fix guarantee if anything happens to your site.
  • Kinsta also provides outstanding performance that can definitely exceed what you get from Cloudways. 
  • They make use of a built-in content delivery network (CDN), a pure Nginx stack with server-level caching, and other tweaks. 

Kinsta pricing

The cheapest plan of Kinsta is $30 a month for resources, including 25,000 monthly visits, one WordPress site, and 10 GB of storage.

Try Kinsta

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9) HostGator

HostGator core features

  • The low-density servers, several caching layers, and high technology hardware offer you two times faster hosting experience. 
  • It provides you with easy monitoring and allocating of resources. 
  • HostGator is very scalable and offers you a free domain name and SSL if registered for the first time.

HostGator pricing


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Being one of the most affordable hosting service providers, HostGator has a genuine pricing plan and is quite affordable. The shared hosting starts at $2.75 to $5.95 per month. Cloud hosting ranges from $4.95 to $9.95 per month. WordPress hosting starts from $5.95 to $9.95 per month.

Try Hostgator

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10) BionicWP

BionicWP is a managed WordPress hosting solution that gives you both server and application-level support at a minimum cost. BionicWP gives assured performance and is one of the best alternatives to Cloudways owing to its ironclad security, super-fast speed, impeccable customer support, and complete site scalability.

BionicWP core features

  • BionicWP utilizes the same servers that host Google’s Search engine, Google Cloud C2 High Compute servers.
  • On BionicWP, you can run any WordPress application or WooCommerce-based store easily. 
  • Guarantees 100% free migrations for all of your sites.
  • The best part about BionicWP is that BionicWP’s support team takes care of everything.
  • If your site gets hacked, BionicWP will fix it for free – no extra charge is required.

BionicWP pricing

BionicWP gives you managed cloud hosting, server, and application-level support (Unlimited edits) for as low as $27.5 with WordPress core updates, hack-proof security, and site-wide daily backups.

Try BionicWP

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So these were the top ten best Cloudways Alternatives.


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Though there’s a lot to appreciate about Cloudways, they aren’t meant for everyone. It can be too complicated, for some people, whereas it may come across as expensive for others for what they’re providing.

Cloudways is performing an excellent job by offering cloud services in a more streamlined way, backed with rapid support channels but their high-cost structure makes most of us look for the best Cloudways alternatives.

Now for the crucial question — which option is the right fit for you?

Well, it depends entirely on why you’re looking for an alternative. You can opt SiteGround if you’re on a budget and Kinsta if you are looking for the absolute best/simplest hosting.

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