WordPress Functionality Up grade Options – Which to Opt for?


**I am scheduling on utilizing Cloudflare APO for a WordPress web-site**. I also use WP Rocket on it and have go through by way of a lot of content articles and concluded that they do operate together, even so I have to manually crystal clear the cache of WP Rocket and APO in order to have them work thoroughly.

**Now, I also have the prospect to migrate the web-site onto a VPS internet hosting which would permit the usage of Redis**. Does Redis perform with WP Rocket? Can you have both of those enabled with no conflicts and problems?

>Which, in the finish, is the far better solution? Cloudflare APO or the greater hosting with Redis?

Or – really should perhaps even The two be employed and can they the two be utilised together for an even increased end-end result and outcome in efficiency?

Thank you pretty substantially for serving to out :)!

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