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Howdy fellas,

I have just purchased the WordPress Adforest concept. Out of all the tutorials I have read and seen, there isn´t one that mentions that I have to pay back to have WooCommerce. I have presently paid for the theme, obviously.

Let me make clear: I am developing a classifieds web site, and I want some people (the ones that are inclined to pay out), to be able to have showcased ads and be ready to upload much more shots. When in the WooCommerce setup wizard, they ask me to decide on from a list of product forms (physical items, etcetera), and there is the two membership and subscription. I don´t even know which one of them fits my demands. And do I seriously need to have to pay back, remaining that I previously paid out for the other concept?

Many thanks in advance,

Américo Baptista

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