WordPress building Necessities

Hi all, I hope you all have a excellent day.

In the last pair of months I taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript, Respond and even labored a very little bit with Firebase and framework like jest and things.

I have an ok grasp of those topics, as I learned it for enjoyable and currently being in a position to lead extra in my position (Carrying out internet marketing, but want to have the possibility in the foreseeable future to go to a creating position).

I program now to understand a bit far more than the basics in WordPress – and I have a few of queries I wished to know.
1. For the WP builders out there, are you functioning with Elementor / any web site builder, or you aer pretty much produce all the topic it self from scratch?
2. If I would function with Elementor, what must I concentrate on learning to have a better grasp of WP alone?

To explain my goal – I am also setting up to generate my possess E-commerce internet site (as a task and promote some goodies to locals), and I never know if I need to immediate my self to construct everything from scratch, or Elementor + a little bit extra WP information will be ample.

Do you assume you can produce a very good eCommerce retail outlet, or any internet site making use of Elementor?
(I know you in essence do not want a lot more depth to create a simple eCommerce retailer, as Elementor + Woocomerce could be more than enough, but I want to be able to produce far more than anything basic).

Thanks all!!

One thought on “WordPress building Necessities

  1. IMHO, don’t use Elementor and stick with Blocks instead. You may not get all the bells and whistles of Elementor but a good block set will get you very far. Blocks are the future. Proprietary page builders are not.

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