Woocommerce Replaced my Homepage?

I will not know if this is a prevalent challenge, or anything that has been brought up prior to, but I have been in the closing methods of applying WordPress/Woocommerce to build an on the net retail store. Location up Woocommerce was the last step just before ending everything, and, when clicking through the prompts I was given, I misunderstood the phase of “generate a custom homepage” and clicked continue. The dilemma is that I currently experienced a homepage established up properly, and I should really have hit skip. Now, my website as just “[website.com](https://web-site.com)” is this detail that Woocommerce designed, and it moved the webpage that was to begin with there to “[website.com/home.”](https://web page.com/dwelling.”) I figured this might be an effortless correct, but I just can not determine it out, and now my uncooked web-site URL is this bizarre detail instead of this issue that was created for it that took a pretty extended time. The only resolution I can locate is to just remake this web page that Woocommerce designed into the exact exact matter that I had, which I really, truly want to stay away from. I am in very dire require of assist on this, and any issues to make it extra apparent I can respond to.

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