Woo-commerce is tagging my merchandise as “Sale” or “Sale!” and I want unify it throughout the web site.


I am striving out woo-commerce and I have a template installed with a bunch of merchandise. I seen that the translation of the “Sale” tag on merchandise is distinctive throughout different destinations in the web-site

upon investigating this challenge I found that some of them were being tagged as “Sale” and some as “Sale!” (with exclamation mark) and each and every a single is translated in different ways (Check out the attached image)

The “Sale!” tag was used in the merchandise web pages and with the shortcode: [featured_products columns=”4″ limit=”8″]

The “Sale” (No exclamation mark) tag is made use of in a “Hand picked solutions” block

How can I have woo-commerce and WordPress use one particular sort on the phrase across the site?

Thank you.


**EDIT:** I put in loco translate plugin and experienced the very same translation for the two terms



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