Where by do you all go to locate WP devs to discuss with?

It seems this is meant to just be normal WP discussion and not about enhancement at all?


Idk simply because the principles even though lengthy are a little bit vague. I am hoping to hyperlink up with expert men and women at WP dev in common so that I may perhaps both seek the services of them or go over ideas and tasks that I am performing on at mutually advantageous times. I’m extra than content to do so in specific threads for the local community to join in on and advantage from each now and in potential hunting having said that this is the begin!!


I’m working with the Porto topic and working with Elementor as the “entrance finish editor” and I have numerous certain thoughts to ask so for now I’m asking in standard are any of you inclined to talk about in element “how to” editing connected questions each in non-public or in community on this discussion board, or in other threads?


Admins remember to really don’t just delete the thread, rather point me in a improved route that way others like myself will know how/what to do in the long run if I am not having the appropriate class of motion.


Thanks everyone in progress for your time,


One thought on “Where by do you all go to locate WP devs to discuss with?

  1. Hi,
    I am from Central Europe and we have lot of wp meetups and wordcamps where I connect with skilled developers.
    Other places I found were slack and discord groups focused more on frontend or backend and usually there is WordPress thread there.
    However most of these groups are filled with people using plugin for everything and builders, so if you need skilled advice, it is really hard to find someone to answer your question.
    So in general I go to people who code web apps and custom eccomerce, because with them I usually find dev related answers much easier.

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