What’s erroneous with my PHP code?

I want an additional website page (dependent on the index) to list posts requested by views. So I copied index.php in my theme and designed an additional web page dependent on it. But the question crashes the MySQL server and returns a timeout error.

I tested with a different query that just queries 3 posts by IDs and it also crashes MySQL

it will have to be an mistake in the loop because if I take out all the things after the query and only do a print_r($my_query) it executes in a lot less than 1 second devoid of any server load concerns.

So what is wrong with my loop?

well known_posts.php (duplicate of my theme’s index.php)

// ‘meta_key’=>’views_total’,
// ‘orderby’=>’meta_price_num’,
// ‘order’=>’DESC’
// )

$args = array(
“write-up_form” => “post”,
“orderby” => “write-up__in”,
“order” => “ASC”,
“posts_for each_site” => “50”,
“post__in” => array(344941, 344944, 344951)

$my_query = new WP_Query( $args )


$whole_internet pages = ceil( $printed_publish_count / $posts_for each_web site )

if ( “1” < $paged ) : ?>

max_num_webpages ) ?>

have_posts()) : ?>

have_posts()) : the_post() ?>

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