What does WordPress call their landing web page file?

Hoping my title makes sense. Idk shit about WordPress. I am making an attempt to assistance a friend.

Below are a number of aspects:

– It’s a podcast site.
– The landing site has an embedded participant.
– The embedded participant is from Podbean.
– He not long ago switched from Podbean to Buzzsprout.

He takes advantage of GoDaddy (I know, I know), and I have obtain to his File Manager. I was likely to consider and go in just to transform that one particular line of code so I can set in the proper participant for him. For me, it truly is a great deal less difficult just to modify the line of code. It is really 1 damn line… Line 461 to be actual. Lol.

In any case, I went into his cPanel and holy hell, I are not able to even uncover his landing web page.

So I guess that is my query. Where by do the landing webpages standard reside in a website designed in WordPress?

Any input is considerably appreciated! 🙂

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