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Websites Made with Appointment Booking Plugin: Customer Showcase

Explore what customers have made with the WordPress Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress.

In this round-up, we are looking at beautiful and diverse customer websites in the wild, focusing on the service booking functionality implemented by our scheduling plugin.

You’ll see that this plugin is perfectly suited for different real-life cases, from booking a 4-wheel bike test-drive to ordering a smash therapy session for a group.

Whether you work in a specific location as a city tour guide or operate a car rental service in multiple states, it’s just as easy to organize your work with the ultimate reservation plugin by MotoPress.

So let’s take a quick look at websites that address specific needs in their industry but provide bookings through the same plugin.

Cook Eat Joy

The cook eat joy website.

Feature Cook Eat Joy
Industry Cookery school
Location Enfield, UK
WordPress theme used Coachzee
Key features used
  • Custom capacity per workshop
  • Coupon codes
  • Stripe payments

This is a great example of the cooking classes website that allows customers to book a one-to-one, private group, or personalized workshops and learn to cook various Indian dishes. Yummy! It elegantly features all the course options with the per-person pricing on the front page, with the ability to instantly load details of a desired class. The integration of Stripe payments helps create trust with new customers and makes it easy to accept payments in London.

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Luxury Travel USA

The luxury travel USA website.

Feature Luxury Travel USA
Industry Car rental
Location Miami, USA
WordPress theme used Astra
Key features used
  • The choice of services, cars, and locations
  • Booking confirmation by admin

The professionally designed Luxury Travel USA website offers high-end car rental services. In the car booking widget, clients can tailor their search by choosing their goal (e.g. airport transfer or wedding services), car brand, and location to instantly rent a car.

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The Veterinaria site.

Feature Veterinaria
Industry Vet clinic
Location Colombia
WordPress theme used Yogamo
Key features used
  • Reservations without payment confirmed automatically
  • Veterinarian selection in the booking widget

Veterinaria is an awesome vet clinic website example that allows pet parents to schedule a meeting with a vet for animal companions. Customers can choose a service, location and optionally a doctor. Even though the Appointment Booking widget allows you to accept payments in multiple ways, including via digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay), Stripe and others, you can also opt for instantly confirmed bookings even without a payment.

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Sleep Concierge

The Sleep Concierge website - client showcase with the appointment booking plugin.

Feature Sleep Concierge
Location Australia
WordPress theme used Hello Elementor
Key features used
  • Phone call booking
  • Selected dates are manually blocked for booking
  • Stripe and PayPal payments in advance

Sleeping Concierge is a great example of a website that provides both products (downloadable sleep guides) and services (consultations). The latter can be booked online, including phone consultations, and pay instantly via PayPal or Stripe.

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The iMaginatixStudios website.

Feature iMaginatixStudios
Industry Rental studio space
Location Tallinn, Estonia
WordPress theme used
Key features used
  • A single studio booking form
  • Coupons codes
  • Online payments, including Google Pay, Apple Pay and more

iMaginatixStudios is a simplistic yet clutter-free website that rents out a studio space per hour, which might be perfect for photo shooting sessions, for example. There is just one studio, a single per-hour rate, and the booking calendar that makes it easy to choose available dates and pay for rent online without any hassle. Customers can book the studio for different dates in just one go. Studio rules and equipment showcases are presented on individual pages.

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Kápolnásnyéki horgászcentrum

The Kápolnásnyéki website.

Feature Kápolnásnyéki horgászcentrum
Industry Outdoor activities
Location Hungary
WordPress theme used Hello Elementor
Key features used
  • Fishing tickets per time interval and the number of inventory
  • Booking confirmation by admin

This customer website deals with outdoor activities, such as fishing. The booking options are available from the dedicated page. In the booking widget, customers can choose the exact fishing type and the duration of activity.

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The dixyna webste - client showcase of appointment Booking plugin.

Feature Dixyna
Industry Make-up artist
Location Torino, Italy
WordPress theme used Pixetty
Key features used
  • Studio and video call meetings
  • Coupons codes

It’s an example of a creative make-up artist website that allows customers to book chosen services for the selected date, including video call consultations. Loyal clients can use coupons to get a discount; there are tons of options for the discount settings in the Appointment Booking plugin.

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Chick Chillie

The chick chillie beauty salon website.

Feature Chick Chillie
Industry Beauty salon
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
WordPress theme used Makeover
Key features used
  • Direct bank transfer and Stripe payments
  • Coupons codes
  • Customer account

Chick Chillie is an outstanding website of a beauty salon, which offers its clients a wide range of categorized beauty services and the ability to pay instantly online or make a direct bank transfer. The booking widget by MotoPress perfectly serves this goal! Clients are also offered an option to view and manage bookings in their own accounts.

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Maya Jade

The maya jade website.

Feature Maya Jade
Industry Boat rentals and surfing activities
Location Hawai, Chiquimulilla
WordPress theme used Medmix
Key features used
  • Custom tour capacity
  • Online card payments
  • Deposit payments

This website deals with surfing activities, offering accommodation and surfing lessons at the same time. Customers can easily book a boat and pay online for just a part of the full cost. The website sells tours for groups of different capacities.

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New Planet El Salvador

New Planet El Salvador website.

Feature New Planet El Salvador
Industry City tours and activities
Location Santa Tecla, El Salvador
WordPress theme used Touriny
Key features used
  • Categorized tours
  • Spanish translation
  • Custom tour capacity

This website showcases tour activities and offers clients to book them online. Since it’s possible to reserve a tour for a group, clients can choose the number of people coming, and this number will be displayed in the booking data in the backend.

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Loc’dNFaded website.

Feature Loc’dNFaded
Industry Barbershop
Location Utah, USA
WordPress theme used Hello Elementor
Key features used
  • Pay by PayPal/Credit Card
  • Pay on-site
  • Deposit payments
  • Custom form with the service selection

A nice barbershop WordPress website example that allows for instant online bookings via international payment gateways. Clients only need to choose a service category and the related service before they are redirected to the reservation form.

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The 4wheels bike website.

Feature 4Wielfiets
Industry Bike selling
Location Leiden, Netherlands
WordPress theme used Divi
Key features used
  • Group or private test-drive of a bike
  • Bookings are confirmed by the admin

This awesome website sells special 4-wheel bikes (good idea!) and gives everyone a chance to schedule a test-drive before buying one. There are private as well group appointments open for booking via the website’s reservation widget. The website owners review all requests manually before approving the reservation.

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The client website made with the Appointment Booking plugin.

Feature Breakpoint
Industry Smash therapy
Location Fayetteville, NC
WordPress theme used Sydney
Key features used
  • Packages per person or group
  • Stripe payments

If you feel like you want to break something to release your negative feelings, there is a legal way to do so. The Breakpoint website offers special services of smash therapy for everyone, and it’s easy to book such an unusual event online for an individual or a group. Customers can pay by Stripe, as well as using multiple gateways associated with it (Bancontact, iDEAL, Giropay, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Link).

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Φώτης Δημόπουλος

The dental clinic website showcase.

Feature Φώτης Δημόπουλος
Industry Dental clinic
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
WordPress theme Hello Elemenor
Key features used
  • Booking form optimized for one person
  • Booking confirmation by admin

This is a booking website example of a solo dentist practitioner. Clients can easily self-schedule appointments with a doctor and wait until their booking is approved via the plugin’s dashboard.

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CFO Team

Client showcase CFO Team.

Feature CFO Team
Industry Business management and consulting
Location Marijampolė, Lithuania
WordPress theme used JupiterX
Key features used
  • Individual consultation booking online
  • Revised bookings

This is a very good example of a professional business website that offers various accounting and business consultation services, automating the whole process by allowing customers to self-schedule an appointment online.

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Dajak Center

The Dajak Center website.

Feature Dajak Center
Industry Boat tour agency
Location Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
WordPress theme used Touriny
Key features used
  • Custom form display with the service selection
  • Variable tour capacity
  • Per-person pricing for the tour
  • Coupons codes
  • Cash on-site and credit card online payments

It’s easy to offer outdoor activities and cultural events for booking with the Appointment Booking plugin; you can see just that on the Dajak Center website that makes it easy to book boat tours for different numbers of people.

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Jerrica March Listening Services

The jerrica march website.

Feature Jerrica March Listening Services
Industry Therapy and coaching
Location New York
WordPress theme Ona Minimal
Key features used
  • Virtual meetings (booking a call)
  • WooCommerce integration

If you offer online therapy sessions like Jerrica March, it’s easy to automate their scheduling with the integrated MotoPress Appointment Booking widget. To accept payments from a wider variety of gateways, it’s easy to use the WooCommerce add-on.

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Andre Achtermeier

The andre achtermeier coach website.

Feature Andre Achtermeier
Industry Business coaching
Location Taxas, USA
WordPress theme Coachzee
Key features used
  • One-to-one session booking
  • Customized booking widget

This is a great coach portfolio website example, which allows customers to study the expertise of the coach, see their offerings and book a consultation online.

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The exceltix website for the client showcase.

Feature Exceltix
Industry Tutoring services
Location Florida, USA
WordPress theme used Edme
Key features used
  • Multiple courses and tutors booking
  • PayPal, card and at-the-office payments
  • Coupons

This is a tutoring center website that offers course and class booking for multiple subjects. Students go through the booking widget to choose the course, subject and time they need to schedule a lesson with the tutor. There are different ways to pay online, as well as use the coupon code.

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What do Businesses & Individuals Choose the Appointment Booking Plugin?

Explore the key highlights of the plugin:

  • It’s easy to add and manage unlimited services, locations and staff members.
  • Personal accounts for the staff and clients.
  • Online payment processing through the intgrated payments gateways, as well as options to use deposits, coupons and other ways to optimize your pricing and rates.
  • A range of useful extensions to smoothy integrate third-party services, such as WooCommerce, Google Analytis, and more.
  • Fully customizable form field and lables to meet the needs of your business.
  • Pre-integrated Google Calendar to sync with your staff’s calendars.
  • One of the most developed integration with the WordPress page builders.
  • And so much more!

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