very best theme for aged postcards selection browsing

Hi men,

I’m wanting for a WordPress theme to use as a showcase assortment for aged selection of postcards. I’ve located a webpage with similar content material but this webpage is not built on Worpress. It can be seen at [](

Essensialy, what I want to have in WordPress concept is really straightforward.

1) It should really have solution to browse throught internet pages with still left/suitable arrows to help searching the selection

2) It should not be only gallery plugin mainly because I want some substantial details about the postcard to be shown (and that information is not just title and writer) on the webpage, not in the gallery

3) when clicked on picture, a customer really should be ready to zoom-in or zooom-out the image (I know this is not strictly theme linked and it could be achived with some plugin)


If there is a plugin that enables searching webpages remaining/right with arrrows?

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  1. I’m not directly able to answer your question, but I have some information that might be helpful so thought I’d offer it anyway.

    It sounds like what you’re after is called a digital repository. The one used on the website you’ve provided is [Collection Builder](, which is free but uses GitHub.

    A popular alternative is [Omeka](, which can’t directly be used with WordPress but does have some workarounds to effectively show the digital collection in a frame. Search the Omeka forum for more info.

    Finally, here is a list of other [free, open source repository software]( options that may work with WordPress. I don’t know them well enough to say for certain, but it would be worth looking through their forums.

    I hope that helps!

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