Updraft Additionally – Generic S3 Minio by means of Cloudflare Zero Have confidence in tunnels

I couldn’t come across an Updraft additionally sub on Reddit so I am posting this below.


I have an unraid box working a Minio S3 instance operating in Docker. Link is by means of NAT Transversal employing Zero Believe in tunnels from Cloudflare previously Argo tunnel. I am obtaining this mistake.


0017.608 () PHP event: code E_User_WARNING: UpdraftPlus_S3::uploadPart(): [SignatureDoesNotMatch] The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you supplied. Look at your essential and signing technique. (line 311, wp-information/plugins/updraftplus/includes/S3.php)

0017.609 () S3-Suitable (Generic): chunk 1: add unsuccessful

0017.610 () An mistake issue has happened for the first time in the course of this task


I have checked the assistance account configurations. I tried switching line 307 in S3.php general public functionality setSignatureVersion($model = ‘v4’) { to v4 from v2

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