Transferring (and converting) Joomla Users to WordPress – HOW TO?

A single of my many factors for leaping ship on Joomla, is the deficiency of plugin-updates and abide by ups from developers. I am now reworking a Joomla web site into WordPress – but have stumbled on a massive obstacle:

How do I transform the 500 people in the old Joomla Web site into WordPress – with no the buyers obtaining to re-sign up og recreating their password ?

I have managed to safe the consumer list (with encrypted passwords) from the SQL, and I have been capable to import these into WordPress. Having said that – I am not ready to convert the encrypted passwords into readable WordPress structure. The readily available plugin that statements to do this, supposedly would not do the job for passwords designed soon after Joomla 1.5.

For that reason, I transform to you – shiny minds – to enable me get out of this jam.



Thank you all for your enable.
Issue has been fixed. I uncovered a plugin that rehash the Joomla passwords and permit users log in with their Joomla password. And then it will save that password into WordPress format.

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