That means of “Lifetime License”

I purchased a top quality topic (not naming it, I think that is not superior exercise here) about 10 decades ago. Compensated for a life time license, about $200, vs the $70 or so for each 12 months. Up and operating with not a lot will need to do additional than just use my web page.
Now, went to insert a further web-site, the theme permitted use on several web sites, and I see that about 4 a long time ago, the topic was discontinued. No lengthier obtainable for sale and no even further updates. The author did not go out of business, his web page exhibits a new topic for sale, and it displays that it was ‘built on the foundation of’ the prior topic.

I am open up to currently being informed my expectation was unreasonable. But, I’m feeling this was dishonest. Those people that had been on the once-a-year plan noticed a basic go, X concept has been outmoded by Y concept, but the life span consumer still left hanging out to dry.

On the discussion board I applied words no a lot more severe than ‘dishonest’ and the creator deleted my account. So my availability of existing assistance from other homeowners is also long gone. FWIW, I have bought a various concept, and hoping for a longer expertise with it, as changing over is seldom merely.

One thought on “That means of “Lifetime License”

  1. At the beginning when I started buying LTDs (Life Time Deals), I was thinking that “lifetime” meant while I was alive. 🙂

    Afterward, it became clear to me that ***a “Lifetime License” for WordPress themes and plugins guarantees you unrestricted access to utilize and enhance the theme or plugin for as long as the developer continues to provide support***. This usually involves getting updates, fixes for bugs, and new features at no extra cost.

    With a single payment, you secure consistent support and uninterrupted access to the product **throughout its entire lifespan**.

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