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My old internet designer/host has moved onto other endeavors- and still left me with hoping to determine out how to resolve matters on my website myself.
This man or woman has their information in my footer, but considering the fact that the enterprise no longer exists I want to take out it. I have looked by means of my theme configurations and cannot discover out to obtain that mini bar on the bottom. I know it’s not an graphic due to the fact I can emphasize the text and click on the one-way links, which acquire me to a useless webpage. Any assistance is appreciated

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  1. Hi u/ekat3

    As suggested by other Reddit users, you can:

    * Re-check the “Footer.php” file for the code OR the “Theme customizer” option

    In case, neither of these two have the relevant code, what you can try this process:

    1. Open your website in “Chrome” or the “Firefox” browser (your choice)
    2. Hover your mouse on the mini-bar >> right click >> and from the context-sensitive menu, click on “Inspect” option
    3. The “developer window” will open to the right and then you can inspect the code line-by-line to understand exactly which particular line represents your mini-bar.
    4. Once you have that understanding, check out your “footer.php” and other PHP files again and try finding that specific code and remove it.

    In the most likely scenario, your mini-bar will be removed from the website permanently.

    In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to connect.



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