Starting off off blog anonymously and then later on utilizing real name?


This could not be a really complex dilemma (and it may well be a silly just one), but I hope you can offer me some perspectives.

I am setting up to commence a site utilizing []( as my system. I’m a philosophy student and I consider that working towards my writing whilst also exploring an array of philosophical subjects could be very practical for my development. Additionally, I think that right after owning revealed content articles for a while, I could use my homepage as a type of reference showing off my get the job done to future position gives and what not.

However, as it stands I would desire to begin off as an anonymous blogger not working with my real title. And this is exactly where my ignorance starts… Is it practical to start off a website anonymously and then following a whilst switch in excess of to utilizing my actual identify? I realize that I can’t use my genuine identify as domain identify if I am commencing off anonymously, but are there other points that would make this switch cumbersome or unrealistic? I am genuinely just a noob so I’m just questioning if you have some views on this.

Many thanks!

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