Squidge is a Absolutely free WordpPress Plugin crafted for developers to compress and transform illustrations or photos.


Is a **Absolutely free** WordpPress Plugin created for developers in intellect compressing and change photographs utilizing `jpegoptim`,
`optipng`, `cwebp`, and `libavif`. It really is **extremley** straightforward to use and is designed to boost PSI and enhance rankings.

## Why?

Graphic compression in WordPress can be pricey, perplexing and from time to time just only really don’t function. We have aimed to simplify
the system by demanding the developer to set up the essential offer on the operating system and Squidge does the
really hard get the job done for you.

– **It is Cost-free**
– Unrestricted file dimensions, no limits.
– Optimised for your website to rank.
– CLI to regenerate all of your media information.
– Helper functions to output photographs in templates.
– Utilizes the native `cwebp` and `libavif` libraries.

## What does Squidge do?

Squidge compresses and converts image files when the user has uploaded a file to WordPress.

– Compresses JPG photos using `jpegoptim`.
– Compresses PNG pictures utilizing `optipng`.
– Converts JPG and PNG pictures to `.webp` information employing `cwebp` with the appended – extension e.g. `image.jpg.webp`.
– Converts JPG and PNG pictures to `.avif` information utilizing `libavif` with the appended extension e.g. `image.jpg.avif`.

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