So is it attainable to embed Google Maps on your wordpress web page or not?

I’m in the method of building a food items site the place I assessment regional food spots. I required to add a google maps factor to every foodstuff spot’s website page, so that my visitors can see exactly where it’s found.


In the wordpress editing window it’s effortless: add html block, paste google maps embeding url. Preview on modifying page works completely.

But when I alter to preview of the total website page, it states

>Google Maps Platform turned down your request. Invalid request. Invalid ‘pb’ parameter.

I’ve observed conflicting details on this. Some say you completely need to have a google maps API critical for this to function.

Others say you definitely do not. You just wanted to add some additional code to the html block. Have not gotten that to get the job done for me.

Any facts on this?

Many thanks!

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