Setting up WP topic with no coding working experience

I am heading to create a website for a shopper before long and I have completed two already but the concept was beforehand mounted for me on WordPress. I’m pondering if it can be quick for me to do it by itself? I have totally ZERO coding encounter by any means. For context the topic is ‘Avada’ by [ThemeFusion]( and it would be designed on WordPress.

2 thoughts on “Setting up WP topic with no coding working experience

  1. Hi,

    You need zero experience in coding when it comes about installing WordPress themes on your hosting server.

    * Download the WordPress theme zip file. In your case, “Avada” by ThemeFusion
    * Install WordPress on your hosting server (via one-click)
    * As a part of the process, it will most likely ask you for a theme. If it does, provide it the location of your theme zip file.
    If it doesn’t ask you, you can always install the WordPress theme later.

    * Let the theme install and continue with the rest steps
    * Shortly, your WordPress theme and site will be up and running
    * Do the necessary customization and you’re good to go

    Let know if you are stuck anywhere.

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