Setting up a Paid out Topic on a Self-Hosted WP Internet site

I have a consumer that is a model-new non-gain. I am encouraging them established up a WordPress site *pro bono.*

The trouble is that I’m not a WP skilled. I hand-code every thing. The only reason I’m employing WP is due to the fact they now purchased the web hosting and paid out for the concept. They also registered the domain by way of WordPress.

I tried out setting up the theme they bought, but now WordPress wants them to obtain a $300.00 / yr upgrade right before I can put in it. They can not manage that. This group has no income, as in none.

The Issue: If I install WordPress on 1 of my individual servers, and someway get their area name transferred to an normal registrar, can I set up the concept they obtained on self-hosted WordPress without the need of having to spend the $300.00 / year price?

I really don’t thoughts offering the charity the internet hosting and my time for totally free. I do that kind of detail all the time. But I am not heading to shell out WordPress $300.00 / calendar year for a thing I’m hosting myself.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Setting up a Paid out Topic on a Self-Hosted WP Internet site

  1. WordPress self hosted will never ask you to pay nothing. May be some payment themes will do, but not (the core wp).
    Or may be I don’t understand.

  2. Are you trying to setup the theme on by chance? That site is very different than a regular WordPress install.

    As someone who has several sites setup with paid and free theme services, There is no fee to out any paid theme in any WordPress install on your own hosting. It is literally be a point and click setup once you have the theme files.

  3. Just to close this out in an orderly way…

    I had the client set up a Namesilo account and transferred the domain. That took longer than usual, but eventually it went through. Then I set her up with some free space on one of my servers, re-pointed the DNS, installed self-hosted WP, and installed the theme. Finally, I transferred her media to the new site.

    Everything is good to go now. She almost certainly knows more about actually *using* WP than I do (I hand-code everything), so she’s taking it from here.

    Thanks again to all who responded.

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