Seeking for a kind plugin that has operation for a stay vehicle-populating itemized quotation

I want to build a net sort that has an auto-populating itemized that updates stay based on which solutions picked in the form. The quote ought to exhibit a checklist of products and the selling price for every single material and a whole rate for the over-all quotation.

Here’s the challenging part: This will be employed as a “System builder” and will have a several hundred diverse versions in phrases of the monthly bill of materials. So, I will want a thing that can be dependent on a CSV file that can be up to date as-desired.

I uncovered that FormidableForms has capabilities equivalent to what I am searching for ([link]( But as much as I can convey to, you can find no way to have the car-populating estimate as a element.

I produced a proof of principle Google spreadsheet that does precisely what I’m on the lookout for in phrases of drop down selectors and an auto populating bill of supplies, if that aids.

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