REBULD a Paid out proprietary WP Theme in a Different engineering, then Promote it??

I ordered a magnificent WordPress concept many years in the past on **Envato Marketplace** (**ThemeForest**), but have since absolutely moved away from “themes” entirely, and use **Oxygen Builder** for ALL development now. Considering that Oxygen Builder will not use themes at all (it basically disables them), it is generally worthless to me now other than the pre-created internet site models, which I would have to *rebuild from scratch* in Oxygen Builder. So I contacted the designers in hopes that they could possibly have strategies to transform the topic to Oxygen Builder, but they replied “*No, Oxygen Builder is not on our convert list*”. And that acquired me to thinking…

If I were to completely rebuild ALL of the designs **from scratch**, and transform every little thing into **Oxygen Parts**, could I then ***Provide*** it underneath a various identify?? I would not be utilizing ANY of the unique theme’s photographs, features, belongings, or code. ONLY “***inspiration***” from the layouts and animations.

I figure it would take around 400 hours to do it correct, so I want to make sure they cannot appear just after me for anything ***Right after*** the do the job is finished. I personal the [**Regular License**](, and the first topic is continue to currently being actively formulated and supported by the authentic designers, if that would make any variation.

It truly is a shame that the builders have *NO fascination* in executing it by themselves, since it actually would be a Awesome Oxygen deal! And I ***Loathe*** just viewing them all go to **Waste**. =(


2 thoughts on “REBULD a Paid out proprietary WP Theme in a Different engineering, then Promote it??

  1. > It’s a shame that the developers have NO interest in doing it themselves, because it really would be a NICE Oxygen package!

    Lol, why? It’s not a shame that someone doesn’t want to play around with these wysiwygs.

  2. Why would you build a remake?
    Take some inspiration from the theme mentioned of course but also draw from other themes as well.
    Integrate font awesome, slider revolution, etc and build something of your own.

    Then make a slightly different version of that later on.

    Think about use cases for your theme snd target markets.
    There are many underserved markets that are not done properly.

    Many developers don’t even understand what icons to make available in the top bar of social links. Dribble? Seriously? For example I usually have to customize a theme to put in my IMDB link.

    The key for me is load time so have a cache manager in there or at least recommend one.

    Good luck.

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