query about themes and features

If I invest in a little something like this: https://themeforest.internet/product/speaker-and-everyday living-coach-wordpress-concept-coaching-wp/17097658

Will every thing work off the bat?
For example, will a consumer be able to build an account and log in? Will the shopper portal do the job so i can start taking care of my shoppers right absent?

Or are the themes just visible? So the log in button is just a button that states log in, but there almost nothing additional to it?

Just to be clear, the issue is not about that theme especially, what I’m hoping to do is to make a customer portal for a individual trainer buddy of mine, exactly where he can take care of his customers conveniently.

I’m just seeking for the least difficult way to get it finished so if any one has any suggestions or tips for improved themes or whatsoever then I am all ears :))

Thank you in progress.

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