Plug-in to flag problematic terms based mostly on a tailor made record?

I’m searching for anything variety of certain and I’m not absolutely sure it exists. But if there is some thing near, the company I function for I could possibly be in a position to adapt it. We just really don’t have a large amount of developer resources to make a thing from scratch.

My employer wants to develop a technique wherever customers can continue to keep private journals/blogs. I work in the editorial office and we have set in appreciable effort to make the website a harmless area where by we don’t use selected types of problematic language to chat about the group we serve. Yet that language can be typical among the normal community. Sorry that I’m becoming a little bit obscure, but I never want to disclose who my employer is for privacy reasons.

Fundamentally what we are searching for is a plug-in that would review WordPress content as a consumer is creating it and flag perhaps problematic words and phrases and phrases for them to assessment. Preferably, they would be able to get a little pop-up box that points out the problem with the term and indicates options. Another option would be a warning box that pops up ahead of they submit indicating that their submit incorporates the following perhaps problematic phrases. It would list the words and phrases along with pre-set facts about them that we would generate. Then the man or woman would have to pick “Revise” or “Post Anyway.” If they select Publish Anyway, the put up would go via, perhaps notifying the moderation group in circumstance of a difficulty.

We regarded as employing a profanity filter and just including custom terms to it, but the difficulty is that in some cases, words can be Ok primarily based on context. For illustration, what if somebody is creating an posting about why you shouldn’t say a distinct phrase? We really do not want it to just get bleeped out instantly. Plus, it would be much better to teach people, usually they will just be baffled about why some things they consider are fine to say are receiving bleeped out instantly.

Browser plug-ins are not an solution for this as there’s no way to assure that individuals are working with them. Additionally we will likely have a number of hundred if not hundreds of buyers generating material, which would be cost-prohibitive for anything like Grammarly company.

Any suggestions for a plug-in we could both set up or use as a starting off position? It doesn’t have to be cost-free but it would be much better if it has unlimited customers allowed for one particular flat month-to-month or yearly selling price.

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