PHPMailer operate – pluggable.php file

I a short while ago uncovered that WP makes use of PHP by default which will cause protection problems with hosted providers given that they desire that you use SMTP. I have observed that mainly because of my ignorance the IP deal with to my shared server has ended up on a number of spam lists and some of my subscribers are no extended getting emails from my web page for the reason that of the restrictions imposed on PHP. Whilst I am planning on setting up the WP-Mail SMTP Plugin this leaves me questioning why there has not been an update manufactured to the WP Core code. I am not a programmer myself but comprehend adequate that I now have some inquiries.

I get that PHP is likely to be less difficult to use for most end users mainly because of the existing help but it just appears to be like updating the functionality to increase an alternative in the options to use PHP or SMTP would reward the group. Right here are my questions:

1. Has there been an update that I skipped? It seems like there have been numerous code snippets that have been easily extra to the pluggable.php file but the problem that I see with most of the code snippets is the once SMTP Auth is launched, the username and password are typically hardcoded into the snippet which in my practical experience is not suggested.
2. Is there anything in the GitHub workflow that someone is informed to address this issue?
3. If I modify the pluggable.php file myself what is the effects to my web-site?

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