Passing information from Mum or dad to Little one with Gravity Varieties Nested Types & Reside Merge Tags

I am striving to come across a technique of passing values from a father or mother sort to a nested variety (relatively than utilizing guardian to pull the benefit).

In my circumstance my guardian variety is called Workforce. This is the place I accumulate all the information about the workforce – the captain, the name, hues, and so forth. This sort also has strains for coming into the workforce users names (TM1, TM2, TM3, TM4, etcetera).

Then I have a next variety known as Participant. This is in which I will accumulate the specifics about the player – DOB, situation, speak to details, and so forth.

What I am trying to execute is web site 2 of the Team form will have @tm1:4 at the best to display the player’s name, and then an occasion of the Player sort identified as Participant1. I want to move @tm1:4 INTO the Player variety so that Player:Identify is crammed with the benefit from TM1. Even so, due to the fact I am heading to repeat this procedure, Participant:Title will be @tm1:4 in the 1st occasion, @tm2:5 in the next instance, @tm3:6 in the third occasion, and so forth. Which signifies I cannot just use dad or mum in the Participant type simply because it could be any one of several values.

I presume I can use dwell merge tags (@tm1:4, @tm2:5, @tm3:6, etc) to dynamically populate the values in the sub-sort possibilities, but I won’t be able to determine out how to make it perform. Exclusively, I never know what goes in the Parameter Title area of the sub-kind – basically how to do Participant:Title => Workforce:TM1.

Just to be distinct, I am mindful that there are greater approaches to execute the illustration I have here – these kinds of as moving into the player’s identify in the sub-type. On the other hand, this is a simplified illustration of a extra elaborate variety which requires passing a benefit into the sub-kind so the worth is also offered to use somewhere else in the Father or mother type.

I really don’t have a doing the job model available to share since I haven’t figured out how to get handed this problem to make the kind perform.

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