Multisite consequences on servers

Hello I have some questios about multisite.

I want create a landing site which aggregates 3 net-internet sites dealing with various contents but acquiring the sane main thematic. After sone analysis I imagine a solitary multisite wp set up (with subdomains) would be the very best option, alternatively of executing 3/4 unique wp installations on the hosting server (a non-public 1).

My issue listed here is about possible lousy effects that multisite installatins can have on a server which is also internet hosting AI purposes which call for a carefull administration of the server. Would the wp network slow my server down substantially or mess it up? Is it additional unsafe for the security of the total server material compared to several wordpress installations? Or is multisite a far better alternative fairly than the latter?

Also I would appreciate if any of you has a similar practical experience (multisite wp on a server hosting ai applications) and would like to share their thoughts here. 😊