Migration issues :(

Hello every person!
I have a raspberry pi 4 the place Im functioning WordPress with apache2. I created a Oracle Cloud Occasion (OCI). Now I would like to migrate from the rpi 4 to the OCI. There is already WordPress mounted and doing the job on the OCI.

I tried migrating manually but when i clicked on a publish which goes to []([*pomaly-pocitac/*](http://audybenedikt.tk/this-is-the-publish) (note that this is momentary IP, Im before long buying [benediktaudy.eu](https://benediktaudy.eu), If it will be needed I can connect IP with [audybenedikt.tk](https://audybenedikt.tk) area. On [audybenediktaudy.tk](https://audybenediktaudy.tk) is at present the unique doing work web page.) I obtained “The asked for URL was not discovered on this server.” error. I also attempted plugin WPvivid with similar end result… In both of those circumstances I migrated the information and the MySQL databases.

Request me any inquiries to take care of this problem.

**I’m clueless…**

Thank you!