Masonry/grid theme notion dilemma…

Hi everybody. I hope this is a fantastic position for this variety of concern. I will consider to be concise and direct with a little bit of TLDR:

I want a Pinterest-style layout, but with the sidebar/widget content material to be formatted as if it were being the very first objects in the initially (upper-still left) portion of the ‘grid’. So, say I have a brand and title, together with navigational inbound links and maybe an ‘about’ widget, and/or any pinned content material – how would I go about generating that stuff seamlessly lead into the relaxation of the products on the grid?

It would be ‘responsive’, so this written content would of system be revealed first, or constantly in the higher remaining if the browser have been narrowed, or if the website have been seen on a Cell or pill,

I’m certain it truly is possible, and likely not all that complicated. It is really just verified so significantly to be a minimal little bit outside the house of my skill-set. My youngster-concept is dependent on 1 called “Koji”, but I’m certain just about any masonry-dependent concept would work to start with. I’m not positive about submitting our URLs here but I’ll happily deliver it in DM if anybody would like.

Thanks in advance for looking through this and/or even considering assisting! Cheers!

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