Legal need exit notifier that supports multilingual

I control a number of WordPress internet sites that have a “exploration” page. When you simply click on one of the articles or blog posts on the study site there is a banner that pops up notifying you that you clicked on a link hosted by an exterior entity. There is a button exactly where if you are okay, it will consider you to the externally hosted written content, but if you terminate it usually takes you again to the study site. I have been utilizing a free and brilliant “Exit Notifier” by Curtis V. Schleich, but I cannot determine out how to combine the exit notifier with multilingual assistance. I want to be ready to exhibit Spanish or French depending on the users language desire. I started out to glance at Popup Maker, but never want to commit devoid of figuring out if its heading to remotely work. I am employing WPML for taking care of the conversion from English to Spanish, and French will be future soon after I can figure out a workable answer.

many thanks for your time and feed-back!

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