Issue for Freelancers/Businesses: Do you use an unrestricted contact form plugin license or do you offer solitary licenses to clientele?

Hi there, So I’m considering about shopping for an unrestricted annual license to Fluent Forms or another speak to type plugin as they are on sale for black Friday/cyber Monday, having said that, I have a dilemma.

I employed to provide single license plugins to purchasers for get in touch with varieties and other paid out plugins so that they can renew them every single 12 months and I would not have to fret about our endless license essential from becoming taken/abused.

Nonetheless, it would also be good to have an limitless license so that we can use it for interior web sites/jobs but also keep consumer web sites up to day persistently(not fret about safety issues if the plugin won’t get renewed by the client each year). Most of them are ~$200 a yr for unrestricted web-sites and we might make that money back very easily.

I would appreciate to listen to some opinions and the execs and disadvantages to your alternatives to aid us figure out the best solution for our corporation. Thank you!

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