Is WordPress sluggish, my plugins, or a thing else?

I will not know if I really should be impressed or unhappy with these scores.

Standard WP web-site employing Elementor and OceanWP with only 6 plugins energetic. I’m on BigScoots.

There is only 1 impression on my web page (emblem), 5 icons, and textual content for the relaxation (150 text). Basically a 1 web page test internet site for now.

I assume such a simple internet site must be blazing quick, what do you feel?


**Google Web site Speed Insights:**

* Very first Contentful Paint 2.9 s
* Most significant Contentful Paint 2.9 s
* Overall Blocking Time 30 ms
* Cumulative Structure Shift
* Pace Index 3.8 s


* GTmetrix Grade A
* Functionality 94%
* Composition 99%
* Net Vitals
* LCP 1.2s
* TBT 0ms
* CLS .01