Is it typical for Local WP to question for your admin password multiple periods?

Dunno if this falls beneath rule 3, but the sidebar describes this sub as “all points WordPress” so I am going to get the chance.

I’m trying to download Regional WP to apply making internet websites. Nevertheless though it is setting up, I’ve had to input my admin password 4 situations, and now it wishes it for a fifth time.

I cannot assistance but really feel this isn’t really standard. Is Area WP broken, or worse, am I becoming phished?

EDIT: Okay, points have gotten a very little little bit unusual. I chose not to supply my password a fifth time and experimented with to cancel the installation. It questioned for my password a sixth time, I denied it again… and then the Local WordPress set up concluded in any case.

I’m pretty concerned now. What exactly is going on in this article?

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